‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Star Jordan Kimball Says He Doesn’t Know How Long He’ll Be Single

Bachelor in Paradise’s Jordan Kimball is very busy lately. Aside from the drama from the cheating scandal with ex-fiance Jenna Cooper, he’s forged ahead with new opportunities. Most notably, he’ll be appearing alongside castmate Joe Amabile during this week’s Dancing with the Stars. During a trip to Canada, Jordan hammed up the crowd and revealed a thing or two about what he’s going through, according to CTV Windsor.

Of course, the thing everyone wants to know is if Jordan is going to be looking for love again. This is what he said about the subject.

“I don’t know how long I’ll be single for, we’ll see where it takes me. It has been a rough month coming off of everything that’s happened, but I’m really trying to use my family and friends as a crutch to vent and talk about what I’m going through as well as cast mates and it’s nice to have so much support.”

Around the time the cheating scandal broke, there was a lot of confusion among Bachelor Nation fans. The news that Jenna Cooper was allegedly using Jordan to gain fame and make money came as a shock to many. Plus, the screenshots of text messages that were supposedly sent by Cooper also revealed that she didn’t have any real feelings for Jordan.

While it’s hard to know how Jenna is holding up in the aftermath of the scandal, Jordan has been very vocal and present on social media. From giving interviews on podcasts to keeping fans updated on Instagram, he’s been expressive about the hard times he’s faced. But at the least, he’s staying busy.

“It’s not easy. I’m travelling, I’m catching planes, I’m getting on trains. I’m dancing,” Kimball explained.

But it looks like his sense of humor is still solidly intact. He joked that people were often most curious about whether he’s wearing his “golden underwear.” During Becca’s season on The Bachelorette, Jordan wore a pair and flashed it for the cameras. Unfortunately, his attempt to woo Becca did not work, and he was nixed from the show.

So all the more reason why fans were crushed to hear that Jordan’s newfound love for Jenna was over. For a while, however, it seemed like everything was going well for the couple. The two appeared to be happy together, and nobody, including the host of BIP, foresaw the disaster that would strike after the show’s reunion episode.

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