Kim Kardashian Told To Help Her ‘Crazy Husband’ Kanye West By Irate Instagram Fans

Reality TV star — and wife to rapper Kanye West — took to Instagram earlier today to post a rather simple snapshot showing off her fashion and style sensibilities. However, she got more than she bargained for in the comments section, as a number of perturbed and concerned followers of her social media accounts let loose with reckless abandon.

“Go help your crazy husband instead of worrying about which photo of yourself to post,” one user wrote.

“Grab a hold of your damn husband please! Force him to get the proper treatment HE NEEDS,” wrote another.

Forgetting about civility entirely, one commenter threw some venomous shade at Kim.

“Your husband is disgusting, and so are you.”

While the vast majority of Kardashian’s Instagram comments on her most recent post are either positive or predictable spam — mostly referral links or begging for follows — a constant thread of poisonous commentary aimed at the reality TV star and entrepreneur has reared its head since her husband publicly came out in support of President Donald Trump. Kanye West met with Trump this past Thursday, October 11, as Fox News Insider details.

MediaBuzz host Howard Kurtz, speaking on The Ingraham Angle, described the extreme reaction to this meeting by media outlets.

“The brutal nature for some of this criticism is really driven by ideology,” Kurtz explained.

The reaction to this meeting — which saw Kanye West discuss topics ranging from intellectual slavery and partisanship to the role of masculinity in shaping his life and that of other children lacking fathers — has been widely criticized and ridiculed by mainstream media outlets, particularly those of a leftist persuasion. As reported by Vox, Saturday Night Live immediately satirized the meeting, with Alec Baldwin — who returned to portray Donald Trump once more — exclaiming of West that “oh my God, he’s black me!” and, in an inner monologue, describing the rapper as more mentally unbalanced than Dennis Rodman or Kim Jong-un.

As BET relays, during a controversial CNN panel discussion on the subject, Kanye West was referred to as a “token negro” by CNN and ABC contributor Tara Setmayer, with Setmayer also quipping that “black folks are about to trade Kanye West in the racial draft,” in reference to the classic Dave Chappelle skit of the same name. Former Democratic congressman Bakari Sellers, also on hand, described the rapper in toto, saying “Kanye West is what happens when negroes don’t read.”

Fox News television personality Tucker Carlson provided a contrasting view of the subject, arguing that Kanye West was simply expressing what he believed to be the truth, and that — in fact — there was a lot of truth in his statements that were unable to be rebutted by his critics. As Fox News Insider relays, Carlson made the case that the contemporary left — that is, Democrats and their political allies — are truly afraid of free speech. This is particularly true, Carlson argues, when said speech contravenes Democratic Party ideology, and the words in question are uttered by an individual of Kanye West’s ethnicity and influence.

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