‘Bloody’ Heidi Klum Rides Horse & Wears White Bodysuit As Lady Godiva In Halloween Throwback

Fashion mogul and internationally recognized model Heidi Klum took to Instagram earlier today to show off her vaunted Halloween costume chops by sharing a duet of images attesting to her skill and creativity during this spookiest of seasons. The host of the famous fashion-related reality TV offering Project Runway posted two pictures to social media, both of which revealed a more sinister side to the often inoffensive star. Having been taken in 2001, the images conjure up the days when Klum was just making a name for herself as a scream queen.

In the first image, Klum can be seen riding a large brown horse while wearing a skintight white bodysuit that is bedecked with what appear to be Swarovski crystals — primarily at the neck, near the chest, and on the back of her hands. Thin rivulets of blood sprout from the side of her mouth, her lips pink and glossy with makeup. Channeling an ironically angelic look, Klum can’t keep herself from smiling as sit sits astride the large beast, leaning forward as she does so. A delicate and ornate headdress that looks to be composed of fabric and beadwork acts as the skeleton for her hair piece, tying in to the exotic ensemble.

The horse, for its part, does not appear to be menacing in the least, saddled appropriately and even bearing a blanket in white and blue beneath the leather seat hosting its passenger.

In the second image, Klum sports an even wider grin as she stands erect. Long, snow white tresses fall all the way from the top of her crown to the bottom of her pointed boots — again, all in white. Striking a feminine pose in front of a black and white stenciled background, and standing next to a rather large amplifier, Klum belies her evil characterization, showing her inner beauty. The blood that once graced the side of her mouth has mysteriously moved to her temple, however — indicating that a ghostly or supernatural presence may have in fact played out during the scary soiree.

Heidi Klum has built a reputation for being a Halloween Queen, as The Telegraph details. “In our house, it’s Halloween all year round,” the model once quipped to People, and her iconic costume and makeup designs have won her a great deal of acclaim as October rolls around each year. Besides her 2001 effort as Lady Godiva, Klum has also such notables as Jessica Rabbit, Cleopatra, and Betty Boop.

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