Jordan Kimball Calls Texts ‘Evil’ & Says There’s ‘No Shot’ Of Reconciliation With Jenna, Per ‘Life & Style’

Bachelor in Paradise fans have been following the whirlwind romance and disastrous fallout of Jordan Kimball and Jenna Cooper’s short-lived engagement. Ever since Reality Steve revealed screenshots of text messages that were reportedly sent from Jenna to her secret lover, things have never been the same for the two.

Jordan didn’t hesitate to dump Jenna right away, which he later discussed on a podcast with Steve. Kimball described how all of the evidence made him believe the texts were real. This is a statement that he has stood by, as in a recent interview with Ashley Laconetti’s Almost Famous podcast, he underscored that he had a “gut feeling” the texts were real, detailed Life & Style.

And while Kimball has been very forgiving and gracious towards Jenna during the fallout, it doesn’t mean that he’s oblivious to the pain it’s caused him.

“I’ve forgiven her, I forgave her right away. There’s so many things I could forgive, but those text messages were so evil. Whoever did this to me, reading that text about how she never loved me, that hurt.”

It’s not surprising at all that the texts would hurt Jordan badly since Bachelor Nation fans watched as he fell head over heels for Jenna the moment she arrived in paradise.

Kimball also revealed that there would be no chance of him reconciling with Jenna. This is what he said.

“Honestly, after her trying to pin this on me, there’s no shot. No shot.”

He’s referring to Jenna’s lawyer’s latest letter, which accused Jordan of being the one that fabricated the texts. The lawyer also threatened him, saying, “If you share this email I will take action.”

But the threats may have been made in vain, as Jordan knew better than to accept the situation. He reported the lawyer for blackmail to the Bar Association of South Carolina and published a copy of the letter to his Instagram. Kimball also pointed out that neither the lawyer, Jenna, nor her family was contacting him anymore.

And while Jordan hasn’t revealed too many details, he noted that Jenna and her family have “lashed out,” whatever that means. And he also described the last conversations he had with his ex-fiance.

“I was there for her, but she started lashing out her family started lashing out. Now it’s been a little over a week since I’ve actually talked to her. Our talks were getting very technical, very businessy towards me or against me. It got to the point where I wasnt [sic] being talked to as a person, I was being talked at.”

But even after all of the heartbreak and pain, Jordan is ready for people to stop bashing Jenna. He’s told fans, “Let me handle it.”

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