‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fans Have Strong Reactions To Josh Radnor & Meredith Match-Up

For How I Met Your Mother Fans, the idea of Josh Radnor – who played the role of Ted Mosby – coming out of the wood work to take on the role of Meredith Grey’s new love interest was exciting. After the last episode titled, “Momma Knows Best” aired, Josh wasn’t as well-received by a lot of die-hard Grey’s Anatomy fans. In fact, many fans of the series expressed skepticism on the news of Radnor as a love interest before the episode even aired.

Warning: Article contains spoilers for those who haven’t watched the last episode.

“Meredith grey has almost died like, 80 times and has had infinite family tragedies yet dating josh radnor is the worst thing grey’s anatomy has ever done to her,” one Twitter user wrote after news of the new addition to the cast broke a few days ago.

“McDreamy is rolling over in his grave. really, Ted?! He’s just going to go back to Robin,” a fan chimed in on Twitter. This particular Grey’s Anatomy fan made it clear they were having a hard time seeing Radnor as anyone other than goody Ted from HIMYM.

Some fans even claimed they would rather Meredith have no love interest at all then to pair off with Josh.

While a lot of fans didn’t take the news or match-up very well, there were some fans of the HIMYM star that were thrilled by the potential love interest.

As those who have been watching Season 15 of Grey’s Anatomy know, Meredith is ready for love again. Unfortunately, she is married to her work and has little time to go out and find someone to be with. So, after a lot of pressure, a matchmaker she has treated a few times convinced Meredith to let her assist in finding a new significant other.

Perhaps the most interesting piece of information about the encounter with Josh’s character and Meredith is that they were not the intended match-up. When they realized they’d actually paired off with the wrong people, they emailed who they were intended to meet before sneaking out of the establishment they had agreed to meet at.

During the conversation, Josh’s character opened up about what he referred to as “the one thing” during dating that was an automatic deal breaker. He explained that everyone has a small handful of things that if a potential love interest says them, it is never going to work. He referred to this as saying “the one thing.”

While Meredith and Josh’s character appeared to be hitting it off, things took a turn for the worse when he made it clear he didn’t really jive with single moms. Meredith clued him in to being a mother of three children before exiting the date. Josh’s character quickly realized he had said “the one thing” that turned Meredith off to him.

Fortunately for fans who were not feeling the Meredith and Radnor match-up, it didn’t appear to work out in the end.

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