‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nelle Reunites With Baby Jonah, Which Piques Carly’s Curiosity

Friday’s cliffhanger on General Hospital had Nelle Hayes in her orange jumpsuit and handcuffed as she headed into the courtroom to determine her innocence. There was a confrontation with Michael and Carly in the hallway, but it was the unexpected run in with Brad and baby Wiley-or Jonah-that added the drama to the ending of the show. Nelle is about to have a reunion with the baby that she handed over to Brad the night of his birth.

General Hospital gave a sneak peek into what Nelle’s reaction will be on Monday. Brad has been worried that someone will find out what transpired between him and Nelle in the woods. The baby switch has yet to be revealed and Brad wants to make sure it stays that way.

Now he is spotted by Nelle as she sees baby Jonah (Wiley) in his arms. She quickly mentioned how much he has grown. Carly is taking the scene all in. She asks Nelle how she would know since she has never met the baby boy. Nelle recovers from her motherly instincts to tell her that Brad had been sending her photos in prison.

Brad saw that as his opportunity to leave. Before he came onto the scene, Michael had just dismissed Nelle after she told him that their dead baby means that they will always have a connection. In Nelle’s world, that means Michael will never be free of her. He, on the other hand, dismissed her saying that they have no connection at all now that their child is gone and turned to leave.

Nelle became desperate and told him that she has a big announcement. It appears that she was about to tell Michael that baby Jonah is still alive. That is when Brad showed up with him. Now Carly wants to know exactly what announcement she was talking about.

After seeing how happy her baby is with Brad and Lucas, she is more than likely not going to blab about the switch up of babies. She will probably just dangle the bait in front of the Corinthos family just enough to get them both wondering what she is talking about.

Chloe Lanier is back just for a very short stint in her role as the evil Nelle Hayes. She is one that people love to hate and the actress does it so well. It may turn out that she will give enough hints to Carly that she may just do some digging to find out what she is talking about.

General Hospital continues on Monday with the exchange between Brad and Nelle, and her reunion with her baby.

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