Kate Middleton Has A ‘Marilyn Monroe’ Moment, As Wind Lifts Her Dress At Royal Wedding

Kate Middleton showed what a pro she truly is at the royal wedding of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank when a strong gust of wind could have exposed the duchess’s unmentionables to the world. It was a sunny, but blustery day in England, and so there were a few adjustments made in the wedding plans, but all in all, Kate laughed the whole thing off.

The Daily Mail says that Kate Middleton looked as stylish as ever in a wine-colored Alexander McQueen fitted dress with a flared skirt. The wind that caused the bridesmaids and page boys to stumble as they walked up the church stairs lifted up Middleton’s dress, mimicking the Marilyn Monroe scene in the movie The Seven Year Itch. But unlike Monroe, Kate caught her skirt just in time and smoothed it back down with a giggle.

It seems that nobody saw the cheeky moment with the exception of Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, who also smiled.

“Despite being surrounded by royals including the queen, Prince Edward, the Duke of Edinburgh, and her husband, Prince William, it appeared no one but the jovial Countess of Wessex noticed her Marilyn Monroe moment.”

The mom-of-three luckily follows Queen Elizabeth’s rule of never appearing in public with a bare leg. Middleton takes it one step further and has a pantyhose hack that even the queen couldn’t have anticipated. Kate wears Barely There Non-Slip Tights that have specially embossed soles with strips of gel which grip, cutting down on the wear and tear of the foot portion of the stockings, explains People Magazine.

The non-slip tights come in three colors, and a nice price of $6.50. The stockings are exclusively sold at Middleton’s favorite department store, John Lewis (and yes, they will ship to the United States for an extra fee). So kudos to Kate for coming prepared to even combat a big gust of wind like a pro.

And Princess Eugenie didn’t leave anything to chance with the wind as she made two last-minute alterations to the plan that we know of when the palace saw how windy it was going to be. The York Princess eschewed the traditional veil which would have been all over the place with the gusts and bursts of wind that attempted to wreak havoc with all of the flowy fabric, and just wore the Greville Emerald Tiara instead.

Princess Eugenie and husband Jack Brooksbank took a tour of Windsor in a horsedrawn carriage that had a cover rather than the open carriage that was planned.

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