WWE News: Triple H Says Vince McMahon Has Never Seen An Episode Of NXT, Says He Is ‘Too Busy’

Many fans believe NXT is easily one of the best wrestling promotions and shows in the entire world right now, but not everyone has had the opportunity to see it. It’s hard to deny that the roster talent is extremely deep and the matches are some of the best with each passing week. Triple H is building a fantastic brand that could compete with any other promotion, but according to The Sun, Vince McMahon, his boss and father-in-law, has never actually seen it.

It may be hard to believe and it’s not like McMahon hasn’t ever seen any of the talent or action in NXT, but Triple H claims that Vinnie Mac has never seen a full episode of the show, even though he’s reaching a point in his life where he might end up turning over control of WWE to his daughter Stephanie and her husband, Triple H, in the future. No one seems to know when that may happen, though, and until that time arrives, he will be the one who is in charge.

Triple H is the man in charge of NXT, though, and it’s widely thought that he has done an incredibly great job with the brand. This week, he made the shocking announcement that NXT UK will be a weekly series, and while fans were thrilled with that news, McMahon probably won’t watch an episode of this either.

With the announcement of NXT UK coming to the WWE Network, Triple H gave a press conference to detail everything. Under the guidance of Trips and a number of other great minds, the brand has the potential of becoming as successful as its North American equivalent.

Triple H said that Vince McMahon gives a bit of an outsider’s view of NXT, which can be quite helpful, but that it happens for a reason, as reported by The Sun.

“I don’t know that he’s ever even watched a full episode of NXT start to finish. He’s busy.”

Despite never having sat through a single entire episode of NXT, Triple H said that his father-in-law still provides a lot of insight. McMahon is able to still give a lot of advice and helpful tips to make the brand even better than it already is as stated by Triple H.

“He will pick up a lot from bits and pieces from what he sees. To me, it’s always amazing – his insight of things.

“I realize he just saw a snippet but what he will say about that snippet is a bigger overall arc to the entire product, and I’m like, ‘That’s really right.’ I think it’s great that he doesn’t see all of it because it gives him a different perspective. It gives him an outsider view on it.”

It is no surprise to anyone that NXT ix Triple H’s baby and he’s built it into one of the most entertaining brands around. For a lot of viewers, the weekly shows on the WWE Network are great and the TakeOver specials are more than excellent every single time. With the creation of NXT UK, the potential is there to make the brand globally awesome, even if Vince McMahon is too busy to watch any of the episodes.

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