Fans Think Meghan Markle Is Secretly Pregnant, Hiding A Baby Bump Under Loose Coat At Eugenie’s Wedding

Meghan Markle kicked up new speculation that she might be pregnant after wearing a very loose-fitting coat that some fans think would be perfect to hide a baby bump to Princess Eugenie’s wedding.

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry were stylish at the latest royal wedding, with Meghan donning a wide-fitting coat by her favorite designer, Givenchy. As the Daily Mail noted, the loose fit of the coat had some wondering whether Meghan Markle may actually be pregnant and trying to keep it under wraps for a bit longer.

“I guess Meghan’s pregnant. She didn’t take off her wide coat at any point [during] the wedding. You couldn’t even see her dress,” one Twitter commenter noted. “Would be so nice for Harry and Meghan to have a baby.”

There is other evidence that Meghan Markle could be pregnant — if not now, then very soon. A recent report from Us Weekly claimed that she and Prince Harry are “trying for a baby” and both want a big family. The source noted that Duchess Meghan is finally feeling settled as a member of the royal family and may be ready to start moving on her desire to have a family.

Previous reports have claimed that Meghan is set on having three children, which means at age 37 that she would likely have to get started fairly quickly to reach that number before pregnancies were to become more difficult and risk potentially dangerous side effects.

If it is true that Meghan Markle is pregnant, it would make sense that she keeps it under wraps, at least until after Princess Eugenie’s royal wedding day, as she would not want to steal the spotlight from her new family member.

This is not the first time that fans have used Meghan Markle’s wardrobe to speculate that she could be pregnant. Seemingly every time that Duchess Meghan wears loose-fitting clothing, it sets the rumor mill churning and leads celebrity gossip outlets to speculate on when she could be expecting.

Kate Middleton faced a similar amount of pressure, with a string of false reports stretching for weeks and months claiming she was pregnant before she finally did announce her pregnancies.

As the Daily Mail noted, there is other evidence suggesting that Meghan Markle isn’t pregnant just yet. She and Prince Harry still have a trip planned to Tonga and Fiji, and the risk of contracting the Zika virus would make it unlikely that a pregnant woman would go there, the report claimed.

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