Wisconsin Brewery Unveils Candy Corn Beer

Candy corn, arguably the most polarizing candy on the market, has been turned into beer by a Wisconsin brewery.

ABC 6 reports that the new ale has been released by the Westallion Brewing Company as a seasonal addition to its offerings for fall. On Facebook, the company said that the beer was created because it was just something that they wanted to try.

“Candy Corn is basically a load of sugar bound together by corn syrup, gelatins and other artificial flavors and colors,” they said. “But for us, we just couldn’t help but wonder what candy corn would be like as a beer… our love runs that deep.”

WNEP 16 reports that the brewery went all out to create their new beer flavor. They didn’t just go to a store to purchase candy corn, they created some themselves. They even included “beer ingredients” into the candy before they added it to their concoction.

“So, at the base, we created a cream ale using lactose sugars to keep some sweetness but added Simcoe hops to create a bit of a bite and a balance (and maybe help remind us that it’s still beer?),” they continued.

As we mentioned earlier, candy corn tends to elicit extreme reactions from people — and on Twitter reaction to the notion of candy corn beer was mixed.

“You know that tray beneath the beer taps at a bar that collects all the overflow and spillage from the different beers? Would rather collect a glass of that and drink it,” one Twitter user wrote.

A couple of people felt conflicted about candy corn and beer being in the same beverage.

“I like candy corn and I like beer…. but candy corn beer sounds DISGUSTING! But, I low-key wanna try it,” one person said.

“There’s a part of me that wants to try this and another part that is saying ‘No, just…no,'” another person tweeted.

It’s still left to be seen whether other breweries will follow Weststallion’s lead in selling candy corn beer. It sounds like they want to be a pioneer in popularizing a new beer flavor in the weeks leading up to Halloween.

“While pumpkin beers might continue to dominate the Halloween beer markets, look West to Westallion to lead them into a new direction!” they said on Facebook.

Whether you love it or hate it, candy corn has become a Halloween staple. According to Vox, it was invented in the 1880s by a confectioner from Philadelphia named George Renninger.

As for why it’s called candy corn, try stacking the kernels on top of each other and you’ll discover the answer.

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