Actor On School Board Ballot, Breaking Bad’s ‘Gomie’ Runs Unopposed In NM

Starstruck parents in New Mexico have been joined by an actor on their school board, as a major character on the AMC hit Breaking Bad is running unopposed for a position in a district in Albuquerque.

The actor on the school board ballot in Albuquerque is Steven Michael Quezada, who you may know as federal drug agent Steven Gomez on the show. The character is one of the first we meet in the series, as he is best pal to fellow DEA character Hank Schrader, brother-in-law of Walter White and, along with Gomie, the dude who unwittingly ushers ailing Walt into the lucrative meth trade by way of an intel-collecting ride-along at a meth raid.

(During the raid, Walt fortuitously hooks up with former student and low-level meth cook Jesse Pinkman, who becomes his reluctant partner in the scante biz.)

The dynamic between the actor on the school board, Quezada, and his pal brings some much-needed levity to the otherwise often-bleak subject matter, and Hank’s bromance with his federal agent pal (and frequent and heavily politically incorrect ribbing of Gomie from the star) contrasts the weighty story lines with a bit of sharp humor.

According to the AP, the actor’s school board bid is likely to be successful:

“Steven Michael Quezada, who plays federal drug agent Steven Gomez on the Albuquerque-based show, is running unopposed Tuesday for a seat on the city’s West Side… There’s no incumbent in that district, and Quezada was the only candidate to file for the position.” adds:

“Three of Quezada’s four children attend the Public Academy for the Performing Arts, a charter school where the actor has been active on the governing board.”

Breaking Bad’s fifth and final season is set to debut on AMC this summer.

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