Derick Dillard Stirs Up Controversy Over Comment About How He Loves Eating Lots Of Butter And Canned Soups

Derick Dillard always seems to cause quite a stir whenever he posts anything on social media. You wouldn’t think that sharing your wife’s recipes would cause controversy, but it seems like it has indeed. Jill Duggar has been busy making her family meals and then posting the recipes and photos of them on Instagram. Her controversial hubby follows up by sending them out on Twitter as well.

People have been totally appalled by the fact that Jill’s recipes almost always includes lots of butter, salt, and yes, even canned soups. They are not afraid to blast her about it either, letting her know how unhealthy it is to use that stuff. Now Derick has added fuel to the fire by stating how much he loves what she cooks. He sent out a recipe recently on Twitter that Jill makes called Thalia’s Chicken Spaghetti. He claims that it is one of his favorites. The dish calls for four cans of various canned soups and two sticks of butter. This may sound good to some, but most people called it gross and totally unhealthy.

One person chided him saying that the Dillard parents need to break the cycle that Jill was taught growing up to use canned products in her meals. She even suggested that they take a course on healthy cooking.

Derick Dillard then replied to her comment that may have gotten some gasps from people who were disgusted by what he said.

“Healthy stuff doesn’t taste as good though. We’ll usually add as much butter, sugar, salt, and cream of mushroom as we need to make it taste really delicious.”

Now, the former reality star could have just been making a sarcastic remark regarding people who blast his family for eating unhealthy. It does seem like he was making a joke about it. Or the Dillard family just really loves their butter, salt, and cream soups in a can.

Another person came right out and told Derick that he better start eating healthier food reminding him that heart disease runs in his family. What was his response to that? The law student wrote back saying, “YOLO!!!” That translates to “You only live once.”

So, either Derick Dillard doesn’t really care if he and his family eat that much butter and food out of a can, or he loves getting a reaction out of people. Jill is always ready to keep Duggar fans up to date on her family and she obviously loves to post all of the things they consume, even if it does cause controversy.

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