‘General Hospital’ Fans Aren’t Convinced Sasha Is Really Nina’s Daughter, Way Too Easy

Nina Reeves has just met her daughter on Thursday’s General Hospital. She was thrilled when Sasha showed up to the meeting in the park thanks to Curtis who set it up. Unfortunately, plenty of GH fans think that this whole thing is a fake. They still aren’t convinced that this girl really is the daughter that Nina has longed for, even after the perfect mother/daughter reunion.

Things may be looking bright for Nina, but it sounds like it may take a downward turn soon. General Hospital spoilers coming from SheKnows Soaps hints that Sasha may end up breaking Nina’s heart. The two women are headed out of the park to spend more time together getting to know each other. However, the spoilers say that on Friday, October 12, Nina will do something that she will regret.

Whatever happens may have an impact later on as more General Hospital spoilers indicates that Sasha will not want to pursue a relationship with Nina. This will break Nina’s heart. Maybe the girl will somehow find out about Nina’s past transgressions like stealing babies and running off with them.

This whole reunion has gone way too smoothly for a soap. Many viewers are convinced that this is a set up most likely by Valentin. Curtis always has the best intentions, but Valentin may have rigged this to get Nina back into his good graces. According to General Hospital fans, they don’t think that Sasha is really Nina’s daughter.

One person wrote on social media, “This all happened waaaay too easy. Not buying it.”

That is the sentiment of many people who watched it all unfold on Thursday. In fact, it has been a speculation for months among fans that Kiki Jerome will turn out to be Nina’s real daughter. This could still hold true, but another rumor says that either Ryan Chamberlain or her mother, Ava Jerome, will kill Kiki soon since actress Hayley Erin is said to be leaving the soap. That may be the reason why the writers have brought this new girl in for now.

One GH fan had an interesting take on this story line saying, “I think Madeline Reeves is still alive… I think she somehow faked her own death to escape prison, left clues for both Valentine and Nina to suspect, go looking for and finding Nina’s daughter (the necklace), and she is in cahoots with Sasha to steal Nina’s inheritance… Think about it, her body was cremated, so no body… No body on GH generally equates to the character not really being dead.”

This would mean that Valentin is actually innocent for once and really wanted to do something for his ex instead of only trying to win her back. It is certainly suspicious that Madeline just up and died right after his meeting with her in prison. It is all way too easy, so there seems to be something more to this story.

General Hospital fans may be onto something. Sasha may just be up to no good and that means Nina will have her heart broken once again. Stay tuned to see how this all plays out in the next few weeks.

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