Julia Roberts Says That Divorce Rumors Really Hurt Her: ‘Because I’m So Proud Of My Marriage’

Like most celebrities, Julia Roberts’ personal life and marriage is the subject of a lot of untrue rumors.

The actress recently sat down for an interview with Harper’s Bazaar where she dished on a wide range of topics, including her marriage to cinematographer Danny Moder. The couple shares three children together, 13-year-old twins Hazel and Phinnaeus and 11-year-old Henry and this past July, the couple celebrated an impressive 16 years of marriage together. And according to Roberts, they are still going strong.

Roberts’ good friend Oprah conducted the interview for the publication and asked Julia how the constant divorce rumors affect both her and her children.

“[We keep the rumors away from the kids] for the most part. Sometimes we are in the grocery store and I won’t even know something is out, but we’ll see a tabloid and we’ll all be standing there like, ‘Oh, that’s uncomfortable. This is really uncomfortable.'”

“It can still hurt my feelings, because I’m so proud of my marriage,” she shared.

The actress then went on to say that there is so much “happiness” that is wrapped up into her relationship with Moder that it’s simply crazy when she sees absurd rumors about trouble in their marriage week after week.

“What I like is that they write, ‘The $150 Million Divorce’ and then a week later, a different tabloid says, ‘The $275 Million Divorce,'” she told Oprah. “I’m like, ‘Well, somebody got a paycheck in the last week. This is getting good.”


And the normally private Roberts also shared how she started her own Instagram account this past summer, which is something very new for her. Thus far, Roberts has posted a lot of photos of herself sprinkled in with a few throwback snapshots as well as some photos with her niece Emma Roberts, and even a rare PDA filled snapshot with her husband Danny.

“It’s definitely a balancing act and it’s been tricky figuring out what to post, because I am private, but I also am friendly.”

The actress says that she really admires her friend Sarah Jessica Parker who has an “incredible” Instagram feed because she also is real and has conversations with her followers in the comments section of some of her posts. But to maintain a little more privacy, Roberts has her posts set so only people who she follows can comment on them.

Next Roberts will star next alongside Lucas Hedges in the film Ben Is Back. The 50-year-old will play the role of Holly, who is Ben’s mother in the film. Many people are already buzzing that Julia’s latest role is Oscar-worthy.

Ben Is Back hits theaters December 7.

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