Lady Gaga Backstage Demands Include A Mannequin With Pink Pubic Hair

Lady Gaga’s backstage demands have been leaked, and at least a couple of them are reassuringly off-the-wall.

Celebuzz obtained the star’s Monster Ball tour rider, a list of demands that includes a mannequin with pink pubic hair, black and silver drapes, and white leather couches.

The remaining Lady Gaga backstage demands are actually pretty standard and include tea; honey; a bag of Tostito lime flavor tortilla chips; fresh roses (yellow, white or lavender); rock posters featuring David Bowie, Queen, Elton John, and Billie Holiday; lavender towels, lavender hand towels, lavender washcloths, (sensing a pattern here?), lavender handsoap, body wash, face soap, and two loofahs; and a small candle in the bathroom.

There are also a ton of food demands including requests for whole wheat bread; Bran Flakes or Special K (no berries or raisins); organic teas and milk; Hiro strawberry jam; peanut butter with flax seed that contains no more than four grams of sugar; grain tortillas, homemade guacamole; hummus; solid white tuna in water; a vegetable tray with carrots, celery, peppers, broccoli and cauliflower with low-fat ranch dressing, and six Activia yogurts (“vanilla preferred”). Sheesh.

Finally in the hefty list of Lady Gaga backstage demands, there’s a list of drinks long enough to stock most small bars for a busy week. This includes a couple of bottles of wine, a bottle of Jameson whiskey, eight Coke Zeroes, loads of bottled water, long drinking straws, Dunkin’ Donuts vanilla ground coffee, four Essential Flavor Vitamin waters, eight Fuze Slenderize drinks, and four Gatorades.

(As a sidenote, Gaga’s disdain for convention extends to spelling. So “mannequin” is mangled to read “manquin”, “satin” is spelt “statins”, and “pubic” is spelt “public” (though to be fair, who hasn’t mistyped that last one?)

Tour riders are usually a fun read, and there are plenty out there that make Gaga’s pink-pubed mannequin look completely normal. Thrash metal band Slayer, for instance, once memorably requested 50,000 live bees, 100 snow-white goats for slaughter, blood-proof umbrellas, a sandwich platter arranged in the form of a pentagram, and one human skull full of Red Hots.

Beat that, Gaga.

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