Kanye West Accidentally Reveals The Passcode To His Phone During Visit With Donald Trump

Kanye West met with President Donald Trump at the White House on Thursday afternoon, and there were plenty of members of the media there to witness the interesting event. During the meeting, one of the cameras caught Kanye opening his phone, which revealed this passcode.

According to an October 11 report by New York Magazine, Kanye West’s secret iPhone passcode is out of the bag, and it is very unoriginal. The rapper was filmed unlocking his phone in order to show Donald Trump a photo that he had stored, and the camera caught him as he typed in “000000” to unlock the device.

The outlet goes on to drag the rapper for his lack of creativity in creating a passcode for his phone, revealing that having his passcode be “000000” is a good way for others to access his phone.

“This is not a passcode worthy of a man so full of dragon energy. This is not a passcode worthy of anybody. It is a passcode that will make your phone very easy to crack into should it get lost or stolen or temporarily borrowed by your friends in a bar who just want to send a few texts and change your Facebook status. This is the iPhone equivalent of having ‘PASSWORD’ for a password,” the magazine reports.

It seems that Kanye will likely have to change his code now, as everyone has seen it.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kanye West’s meeting with Donald Trump was described as “quite something” by the president.

The rapper reportedly headed into the Oval Office and went on a 10-minute rant about all of the issues on his mind. West wore his “Make America Great Again” hat for the meeting and spouted off his thoughts and ideas as Trump, the media, and other White House staffers listened.

Variety reports that during the meeting, Trump was asked if West could be a future presidential candidate, to which he responded, “could very well be,” with which Kanye replied, “only after 2024,” revealing his support for Trump’s re-election in 2020.

Kanye West also revealed that he believes everyone should support Donald Trump as the leader of our country and that he would be the “freshest” with the “flyest planes” because if he doesn’t look good, then that reflects on the United States, and in turn makes the country look bad.

West spoke out about a number of issues while in the Oval Office. He spoke on his broken family life, prison reform, Hilary Clinton, his bipolar disorder diagnoses, and the famous Kardashian family that he married into.

He also dropped the F-bomb, stating that Trump is on a “hero’s journey” at the moment and that he probably never thought he’d have a “crazy motherf—er like Kanye West” to support him.

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