Abhi Sinha Of ‘The Young And The Restless’ Suffers Profound Loss In Horrific Crime

Ravi actor Abhi Sinha on The Young and the Restless suffered a profound personal loss due to an absolutely unspeakable act of cruelty.

The actor took to Instagram to share the horrific details of the evil crime committed against a member of his furry family. He captioned a series of images of his beloved German Shepherd Bella, with the details of the atrocity.

After a touching tribute to Bella, Sinha explained the terrible details.

“Last week we lost our Bella in a horrific act of evil and malice. We are still in shock as she did not deserve what happened to her. To the sorry excuse of a human that did this – I take comfort knowing that you are going to burn in hell.”

Last month, Inquisitr reported that Sinha lost another of his German Shepherds, Boba Fett, after medical problems proved to be insurmountable. The actor explained that the canine was like a son to him and that he struggled with the grief of losing a being so precious to him. Fans provided an outpouring of love and support after Boba Fett passed away last summer surrounded by his doggy brothers and sisters and the rest of the family on their five-acre pet paradise.

However, to lose Bella in such a senseless act of evil hurts in an entirely different way.

In a Facebook post that Sinha linked to in his Instagram bio, the actor’s family member explained the unbearable details of what happened. On September 30, the gate on Sinha’s five-acre rural property malfunctioned, and Bella ran outside of the gated property during her evening exercise, which is a nightmare for any pet owner.

Unfortunately, when the pet parents went to search for their dog, they found a terrible site. After hours of searching, the car’s headlights swept across Bella laying near the edge of their neighbor’s property. She tried to lift her head, but she couldn’t. They rushed the dog to the VCA emergency hospital in Indio. At the hospital, the details of Bella’s injury came to light. Somebody shot the sweet pet on the left side of her heart.

On October 1, Bella succumbed to the horrific injury despite medical intervention, and she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge to join Boba Fett, leaving her owners wholly devastated. However, the terrible story doesn’t end there. Another dog, Rooney, was also shot, but his injuries weren’t life-threatening.

Unfortunately, the family also expects to lose their dog Max soon as well because he’s unwell.

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