Lena Dunham Confesses That Calvin Harris Was Her Least Favorite Taylor Swift Boyfriend

Actress Lena Dunham was a guest on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen on Wednesday night where she played a game of Plead the Fifth. Among the questions that came her way during the game was one from Girls co-star Andrew Rannells asking her to identify which of Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriends she liked the least, reported E! News.

Dunham is a close friend of singer Taylor Swift and has been a witness to some of Swift’s failed relationships. The “Shake It Off” singer is currently dating actor Joe Alwyn but is attempting to keep it on the down low after her relationships with Jake Gyllenhaal, Calvin Harris, Tom Hiddleston, Joe Jonas, Conor Kennedy, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, and Harry Styles received more attention than she liked.

After being warned by host Andy Cohen to choose her “gentleman carefully,” Dunham revealed her least favorite of Swift’s boyfriends as Calvin Harris.

“I want to do right by her on this question—and I’m also proud, because I haven’t pled the fifth on any of these and I think that makes me some kind of champion! My least favorite was Calvin Harris, because I felt he was petty in the public and who needs to do that?”

Harris and Swift broke up in 2016 after a year and a half of dating. At the time, a source reported that “Taylor and Adam had no big blowout fight, but the romance just was not there anymore for them. Adam is the one that ended it. It was all done in a very mature fashion. Taylor is pretty upset but they are still in communication. Taylor was there for Adam with his accident and supportive,” reported E! News.

Things got a bit messy shortly after the breakup when Swift revealed that she co-wrote his hit song “This Is What You Came for” under a pseudonym. Initially, Harris told Ryan Seacrest on the radio show On-Air With Ryan Seacrest that he couldn’t see himself collaborating with Swift, according to E! News.

Harris went on a Twitter rant after the pop star’s representative reported that she had co-written the song saying, “Hurtful to me at this point that her and her team would go so far out of their way to try and make ME look bad at this stage though.”

In the same episode of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, Dunham complimented Swift on her bravery in publicly revealing her political views.

“That was really amazing. I mean, I’m always proud of Taylor. Not only is she an amazing friend to me on a personal level, but she’s an amazing friend to lots of people in the world. She felt it was time for her to talk about politics—and I never judged her for considering that a private domain—but I think she chose a really, really powerful time to speak out. I’m so moved and honored to be her friend.”

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