Dakota Johnson Addresses Rumors That She’s Pregnant With Chris Martin’s Child On ‘Ellen’

Dakota Johnson has addressed the claims that she is pregnant with boyfriend Chris Martin’s child during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The actress told Ellen on Thursday that the only thing she’s pregnant with “is a lot of really good ideas,” as reported by the Daily Mail.

“The only thing I’m pregnant with is a lot of really good ideas. But not any babies,” the 29-year-old announced.

The baby rumors started when several celebrities were spotted attending a party at Johnson’s house, which was decorated with pink and blue balloons. The decor obviously had people wondering whether the event was, in fact, a gender reveal party or not, a claim that was further fueled by the fact there were blue balloons being released into the sky.

Turns out Johnson and her Coldplay frontman boyfriend are not expecting a baby boy, and the blue balloon chain had been accidentally released.

“It was my birthday, and there were balloons that happened to be pink and blue… and so then I was pregnant,” the 50 Shades of Grey actress told Ellen.

“I didn’t know that the balloons were going to be released, they were just in an arch. But I guess that accidentally happened, one of the ends got let go. But a lot of people congratulated me. [I got] a lot of attention… more than just having it being my birthday!” she laughed.

She joked about the fact that all the attention surrounding her birthday party meant she had to explain to some people why they didn’t get an invitation – including Ellen herself, who actually invited Johnson and Martin to attend her 60th birthday bash.

The movie star arrived in the studio donning a black top and a sexy white mini-skirt, which prompted Ellen to ask her if she needed help covering up.

“Did you try that on before you came on? Do you want a blanket or something?” the talk show offered, before covering up Johnson’s legs with some tissue while giggling.

“That is a mighty tight outfit for someone who’s pregnant,” Ellen joked.

Johnson and Martin, 41, have been dating for around a year now after being introduced to each other through mutual friends. The Coldplay lead singer shares two children — daughter Apple, 14, and son Moses, 12 — with his ex-wife, actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

Paltrow and Martin were married for 11 years, and the two have remained on friendly terms ever since their famous “conscious uncoupling” statement in 2014.

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