Sylvester Stallone Reveals More Awesome Images From New ‘Rambo’ Movie And A Very Fitting Film Title

More than 35 years ago, the character of John Rambo was introduced to the world in First Blood, and he has continued to survive through four films with a fifth on the way. Sylvester Stallone has continued to prove that his famous characters (Rocky Balboa) could keep on thriving, and he’s doing it with another one now. More images have been released from the movie showing Rambo’s drastically changed look, and a very fitting title has also been revealed.

As reported by Screen Rant, the official title of the fifth film in the franchise is Rambo: Last Blood and that is just extremely appropriate considering the first one in 1982.

In Rambo: Last Blood, John Rambo (Stallone) returns to American soil for another personal issue that needs to be resolved. The daughter of one of Rambo’s good friends has been kidnapped and he vows to help his friend get her back, but it won’t be a simple search-and-rescue mission.

Rambo has been working on a ranch in his later years, but now, he’s back at it as he crosses the U.S.-Mexican border to help his friend. It won’t be simple, though, as he must soon face off with one of the deadliest cartels in all of Mexico.

It’s going to be a violent battle that will be fought by a very different looking John Rambo.

As fans can see, John Rambo is no longer decked out in camouflage with a red bandanna around his head. Now, he sports gray hair and a button-up shirt for his work on the ranch, but he’s not without some of the same things from his old life.

In the new image revealed by Sylvester Stallone, Rambo is sitting in his man cave which shows a number of weapons and some ammunition boxes. If you check out the top right corner of the picture, you can also see a big knife mounted on a plaque on the wall.

Stallone is thrilled with Rambo: Last Blood and that is evident from his posts on social media lately. At the age of 72, he’s showing no signs of slowing down and has actually had a bit of a career rejuvenation with this movie as well as appearing in Creed and its sequel.

Rambo: Last Blood, or Rambo 5 as many are calling it, may end up being the very last time this character is seen on the big screen. John Rambo has a new look and he’s at a different place in his life, but he certainly hasn’t forgotten all of his training and the things he has gone through in his life. Sylvester Stallone is having fun with this one and he’s looking forward to fans seeing one more mission when it hits theaters in fall 2019.

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