John Stamos Wears A Jonas Brothers Shirt To The AMAs, Jobro Fans Go Wild

John Stamos made quite a lasting impression last night at the 2018 American Music Awards. No, he didn’t take home any awards or hop on stage to sing, even though he really could. He showed up wearing a Jonas Brothers t-shirt. This brought many tears of happiness and joy for the thousands of fans of the former band of brothers.

From the moment that he arrived at the AMAs, the Fuller House actor caught the eye of Jobro fans everywhere. They quickly took to Twitter to express their feelings over this amazing sight to behold. As seen in an interview photo from Extra TV, Stamos wore a dark blazer over the Jonas Brothers t-shirt, but you can clearly see the trio of famous faces gracing his chest. The shirt is from the JB tour of 2009, so it looks like this guy is a fan and may have been for a while. He has been seen in that exact same shirt a few times before.

John Stamos and the Jonas Brothers began trending on Twitter after his photo made the rounds on the internet. Jobro lovers surrounded the actor with their love and respect. It looks like he has gained quite a fan base just by displaying his own love of Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas. The new dad also posted a photo of himself on Instagram in his AMA gear.

The reactions to his outfit are quite funny. One person excitedly wrote, “This is the best day. Uncle Jesse is wearing a Jonas brothers shirt.”

Another fan was so impressed by the sight that she may just have a new picture up on her wall in no time.

“John Stamos at the 2018 AMA’s wearing a 2009 Jonas Brothers World Tour shirt is no joke THE greatest thing I have ever seen in my entire life. I legitimately want to print this photo out just because it’s so iconic. There’s no way this is real. I have to be dreaming.”

There were countless fans who said that they have that exact same shirt. While none of the Jonas Brothers have responded to John Stamos’ AMA clothing, Papa Jonas did retweet a photo of him. Kevin Sr. took notice and retweeted.

John Stamos may or may not have been wearing the shirt to mark that terrible moment in 2013 when the Jonas Brothers announced that they were canceling their V tour just two days before it was to begin. That ultimately led to the breakup of the band. There were many tears of anguish that conspired on social media back then, but it seems that the actor is all about making sure that their legacy lives on.

A few fans mentioned that they are hoping this is a sign that the Jonas Brothers will reunite in the future. Like maybe John Stamos has some sort of magical power to make that happen. You just never know what kind of magic that Uncle Jessie could muster up.

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