Jinger Duggar Is Back On Social Media With A Pic Of Felicity, Her First After Cultural Appropriation Jabs

Jinger Duggar is back on social media after a self-imposed exile, presumably to take a break from all the mom-shamers, OK Magazine is reporting.

Fans of the Duggar daughter have been disappointed these past couple of weeks, as she’s limited her pictures on her Instagram account to just pictures of herself, her husband, or in one case, her lunch – save for one picture of Felicity that was taken a couple of weeks ago. It appears as if she had taken a break from posting new pictures of her daughter, for reasons we’ll explain more fully in a couple of paragraphs.

However, her break from Instagram appears to have ended now: On Monday Jinger posted the first new picture of Felicity since a mom-shaming controversy erupted.

So why did Jinger, who like most moms who are active on social media and generally prone to blowing up the internet with cute pictures of her kids, decide to take a break? It seems to have stemmed from the picture below, which was taken at a Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley Field, and which brought out the mom-shamers in force. Take a look.

You may not notice anything untoward about that picture, but the more easily-offended portion of Jinger’s audience – or at least, those who have nothing better to do than to find things to be critical about – took exception to the garment on Felicity’s head. More than one social media troll accused Mrs. Vuolo of “cultural appropriation” for putting that garment on Felicity’s head. Because apparently white women from Arkansas of Irish descent are only supposed to dress their kids in the garb of white women from Arkansas of Irish descent.

Of course, that was hardly the only time that Jinger was mom-shamed for how she dresses, or raises, her daughter. Consider the picture below, taken on a Sunday not too long ago as the family was heading into church.

Busybodies apparently couldn’t get over the fact that Jinger put mittens on Felicity, even though it’s something that moms have been doing for centuries if not millennia. That’s because – spoiler alert – infants can scratch themselves.

Fed up with the mom-shamers, Jinger took a break.

As reported by the Inquisitr, a family friend said that Jinger was “over” the haters who picked apart every pixel of every picture of her daughter, looking for a reason to give her grief. Now, however, it seems like Jinger and Felicity are back, which is good news for her fans. And in a bit of bad news for her haters, it appears that there is absolutely nothing in the most recent picture of Felicity that anyone, anywhere, can take exception to.

But doubtless, a hater will find a reason anyway.

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