Sarah Ferguson Has Signed On As Spokesperson For Another Fad Diet Before The Royal Wedding

Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York and also known as Fergie, is moving on past Weight Watchers and is now fronting a new more controversial diet plan designed by Italian dietician and heir to an herbal enterprise, Gianluca Mech. But considering the timing of the royal wedding this week, some are raising an eyebrow at what Ferguson is doing back in the spotlight.

Page Six says that it seems unlikely that it’s a coincidence that all of this is going public on the week of Princess Eugenie’s wedding when the rest of the royal family will be attending the event alongside their former in-law.

Fergie fought her weight for years while she is in the public eye, and the press cruelly branded her “The Duchess of Pork” for her yo-yo dieting.

Page Six contacted Mech who confirmed that Sarah Ferguson is promoting his diet products and program in the United States and Europe.

“We’re told the duchess — who was a Weight Watchers spokesperson for years — already appeared at the University of Padua in Italy to promote Mech’s diet products, which ‘guarantee weight loss’ by eating pasta and pizza and taking something called a ‘diuretic tonic,’ among other products.”

And it seems that Fergie is not the only woman in the spotlight that Mech has contacted. He and Ivana Trump started working together earlier this year to launch her own “anti-obesity campaign” which includes lots of spaghetti and cookies.

Jezebel said that Trump went on her own tour for the “USA launch of the Italiano Diet” at the Plaza Hotel. Between the diet promotion and her parenting group Raising Trump, Ivana links good parenting and slender children.

“[Ivana associates] ‘good parenting’ and ‘good genes’ with slenderness, and laziness with obesity,” the publication wrote.

“None of my kids are obese. They’re all tall and slim and handsome and smart. And the grandkids are exactly the same—good genes.”

Ivana Trump says that she is the perfect person to get America back on track with the help of Gianluca Mech, just like Fergie is lending a hand in Europe. Trump suggests that the United States, and particularly young adults and children, need to be educated.

“The obesity rate in the United States has reached epidemic proportions. We have to fight this now because it is getting worse, particularly among young people who need to be taught how to eat and exercise correctly so that they can have a long and healthy life.”

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