Farrah Abraham Slams Bristol Palin For ‘Following Me,’ Claims Cheyenne Floyd Got Pregnant To Join ‘Teen Mom’

Farrah Abraham appears to have convinced herself that Bristol Palin is actually stalking her.

During an interview with The Jenny McCarthy Show days ago, the former Teen Mom OG star went on a rant against one of her two replacements, claiming that after moving near her home in Texas, Palin began starring on the series she was once featured on.

“I’m just a little bit, that’s like… single white female,” Abraham said, citing a phrase describing someone who badly wants to be someone else.

“[Bristol] like moves to the same city as me, does the same things as me and I don’t know what that is but it’s a little scary. I don’t want any crazy stuff or people copying or following me or living where I live,” she stated, according to an October 8 report from People magazine.

According to Abraham, MTV’s decision to hire Palin, the daughter of politician Sarah Palin, and Cheyenne Floyd, who previously starred on The Challenge, was “inappropriate.” After all, they are allegedly “Teen Mom groupies,” whom she claims believe they will be famous if they continue to have kids.

Abraham even suggested Floyd and her ex-boyfriend Cory Wharton purposefully conceived their daughter Ryder after learning there would be an open spot on the then-upcoming season of Teen Mom OG.

“I see that Cheyenne and this other person who has been on MTV definitely collaborated and had a child and knew that there had been a space opening to be on Teen Mom,” she said.

Farrah Abraham went on to tell People magazine that Teen Mom OG hasn’t been getting the ratings it used to receive when she was still featured.

“Me leaving Teen Mom, the ratings went down,” Abraham said. “I’m not shocked. … I really think I showed the best story I could of being a single mom through 16 and all those challenges and struggles.”

Abraham was taken off the show during an episode of Teen Mom OG earlier this year. At the time, the former reality star was seen engaging in a heated debate with her producer Morgan J. Freeman, who made it clear he didn’t want Abraham to continue to work in the adult industry.

Because Abraham refused to quit her job in adult entertainment, the two parted ways after working together for years on Teen Mom and its sister series 16 & Pregnant.

Teen Mom OG Season 8 airs on Monday nights at 9 p.m. on MTV.

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