Demi Rose Flaunts Famous Curves In Tiny Catwoman Outfit

Demi Rose shared some more photos of herself on Instagram modeling a modern Catwoman suit, which was complete with a plunging neckline and a skirt that’s too small. She went all out for the ensemble, even sporting a cat mask while sporting some chunky black boots.

The first photo shows her standing in a room, as she looked straight at the camera. The second photo showed off the back of the outfit, where the skirt was too short as Demi flaunted her derriere.

All in all, the photos were a huge hit with her fans. Someone said, “Stunning! I want this!” while another said, “Gorgeous.” Rose’s fans also continued to send their condolences, as news of her father’s death spreads.

Demi first announced her dad’s passing on her Instagram page, where she posted some photos and wrote an emotional caption to describe her father. This is what she said.

“R.I.P Dad [heart emoji] You were the best father I could’ve ever wished for. The most caring, supportive, knowledgable [sic] and loving man I’ve ever known. God bless you and thank you for everything. Hope to see you one day in heaven again.”

Many people sent Demi words of encouragement, including one follower that said, “So sorry for your loss. I hope the happy memories you have of your Father help you through this difficult time. God Bless!”

Rose shared a photo of herself modeling a zebra-print bikini shortly after announcing her dad’s passing also. This caused some people to criticize her actions, while others continued to support the model with whatever she chose to do.

The Instagram sensation’s parents are reportedly very supportive of her career, according to the Daily Mail. This is what her mom said about her pursuits.

“We don’t mind at all. She always said she wouldn’t do nudity not that we’ve told her not to, her pictures are racy and suggestive but she shows them all to us. We’re right behind her. She’s such a beautiful girl, why shouldn’t she? If you’ve got it, flaunt it.”

And indeed, Rose certainly has it and flaunts it all the time. Other recent photos include her lounging on a couch in a pink-tank, some bikini shots, and sultry selfies.

The model is expected to move to America sometime soon to pursue a potential career in acting. So far, it appears that Demi’s still in the U.K., so we’ll just have to wait and see if she ends up making the trans-Atlantic move to Los Angeles.

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