Samantha Markle Reminded Us That She Encouraged Thomas To Stage Paparazzi Photos, Kicking Off Royal Drama

During Samantha Markle’s latest interview with the Daily Mail, she focused on her trip to Kensington Palace, but also reminded us all that she played a big role in the paparazzi scandal. The interview was mainly to address her trip to the palace, where she was photographed giving a letter to a guard. The sister was not allowed inside to meet with her half-sister, Meghan Markle, and instead stopped at a souvenir stand to buy masks of Meghan and Harry’s faces.

And as Samantha discussed what happened in the U.K., she also took the time to review what happened with Thomas prior to the wedding. This is how the half-sister described the events leading up to the staged paparazzi photos.

“[Dad, Thomas Markle] was being publicly taunted the whole time, photographed to make him look like a slob and there was no photo scam. I said Dad, you have dignity, you’re an established wonderful man, take a business card – you make those people see you as you really are, you get photographs out there so people can see you’re not a fat, disgusting slob as paparazzi are trying to make you look like you are.”

Samantha then mentioned that Thomas taking photos for the media led to him being accused of faking his heart attack, along with being accused of a photo scandal.

And indeed, Thomas Markle receiving a huge check in return for some staged paparazzi photos was a huge turning point for Meghan and her immediate family members. The contact with the media was a huge no-no, and Prince Harry reportedly called Thomas to confront him about what happened. And while Thomas lied at the outset about staging the pictures, the truth eventually came out.

This also coincided with Thomas being admitted to the hospital and undergoing surgery following a heart attack. The dad then was unable to attend the royal wedding as planned, and Prince Charles ended up walking Meghan down the aisle.

And since then, Meghan’s family members have taken to giving personal interviews to media outlets, or in the case of her half-siblings, taking things even a step further. Thomas Jr. has written letters to the Queen, while Samantha is often using Twitter to voice her opinions on Meghan and her new husband.

But perhaps the most shocking aspect is that Samantha has been very open about her desire to take advantage of the situation. This is what she’s said in the past, as detailed by MSN.

“Let’s face it, we all have to survive, money makes the world go round, so if you want to call that cashing in, that’s fine. But no one in media would refuse a paycheck for talking about the royals.”

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