Emily Ratajkowski Bares Her Derriere In Thong Bikini On Instagram

Emily Ratajkowski shared a photo of herself wearing the Orpheus leopard-print bikini on Instagram, and she looked great. The model stood with her back angled towards the camera, showing off her bare derriere in a thong bikini bottom. She twisted her body to the left, as she casually grabbed her left arm with her right hand. Emrata posed outdoors, with some trees, shrubbery, and a driveway in the background.

Her fans complimented her looks, while others continued to talk about her activism during the Brett Kavanaugh protests. Emily was actually arrested alongside hundreds of other protesters and Amy Schumer, and ended up having to deal with body shamers who pointed out that she wasn’t wearing a bra that day.

Whether it’s a political statement or not, Emily also shared a vintage photo around the same time she shared the bikini photo. The older picture is of a woman holding a sign that said, “Not Your B*tch.” Ratajkowski captioned it, “Big mood.” One fan noticed that the woman in the photo is Shelley Fabares from an Elvis Presley movie called Girl Happy. Fabares was the co-star, and the original sign read “I’m Evil.” It looks like someone got crafty on Photoshop and changed the wording around.

In addition to dealing with controversy surrounding her arrest at the Kavanaugh protest, Emily also stepped in to speak out against haters who were attacking Sarah Hyland. Sarah had posted a selfie, and it caused tons of people to accuse the actress of looking too skinny. That didn’t go over well with Ratajkowski, as she took the time to comment on the photo. This is what she said, according to Stylecaster.

“You look amazing. F*ck em [fire emoji] (& you kill it in @inamorataswim every time!)”

To that, Sarah responded with some kissy emojis. Notably, Sarah’s boyfriend, Wells Adams, let the trolls know that their opinions were not welcome. He told someone who told Sarah to “Eat a doughnut” to “eat sh*t.”

In addition to being a model and actress, Emily has always been outspoken about the female body and sexuality. This is what she had to say about beauty and feminism, as detailed by Glamour Magazine UK.

“You can be a feminist and be beauty obsessed. The end. I think it comes from my Dad being a painter and me going to art school. My husband calls it finger painting when I do my make up because I am just like, ‘ohhh,’ it’s like my own personal canvas.”

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