Princess Diana Was Heartbroken After Overhearing A Phone Conversation Between Prince Charles & Camilla

The saga of Princess Diana and her ex-husband’s Prince Charles’ relationship is something that became common knowledge in the 1990s when their messy split and eventual divorce was splashed across the front pages of every tabloid in the U.K. But while many of the details of their relationship are known, there are still new revelations coming out regularly from those that knew and loved the late People’s Princess.

According to a new report by Express UK, Diana had discovered that her husband was having an affair when she overheard a conversation between him and Camilla Parker-Bowles over the phone. Royal biographer Andrew Morton had interviewed Diana in 1991 where she shared this detail with him, saying that her husband had confessed his love for Camilla over the phone that day.

“I once heard him on the telephone in his bath on his hand-set saying: ‘Whatever happens, I will always love you.'”

The princess was naturally heartbroken by her husband’s betrayal of her trust, and she later told him that she had heard what he said through the door, resulting in a fight between the pair.

Even still, it wasn’t the first time that Diana had had to deal with Camilla in her marriage.

Just days before her 1981 wedding to Charles, she discovered that her fiance had sent Camilla a bracelet. At one point, Diana directly confronted Camilla at a party, making sure she knew that the princess was well aware the pair were having an affair.

Camilla and Charles had dated for a year before he had joined the Royal Navy, 10 years before he eventually married Diana. Two-years later, she married Andrew Parker Bowles, but she and Charles chose to remain friends, rekindling their romance every so often. Instead of Camilla being viewed as a threat to Charles and Diana’s marriage, Diana was viewed as the pariah threatening Charles and Camilla’s friendship.

A year after she and Charles divorced, Diana expressed that had she been a little older when she had married the prince, she might have dealt with Camilla in a very different way.

“I was still too immature to understand all the messages coming my way.”

After Diana’s death in 1997, Charles was free to remarry, and he and Camilla, who had divorced Parker-Bowles in 1995, a year before Charles and Diana finally called it quits, married in a civil ceremony at Windsor Castle in February 2005. Fittingly, Camilla chose not to go by the title of Princess of Wales, knowing that it would be seen as another insult to Diana.

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