‘One Piece’ Episode 856 Spoilers: Katakuri’s Biggest Secret And Main Weakness Revealed!

One Piece Episode 856, which is currently available at Chia-Anime, featured Charlotte Katakuri burying Monkey D. Luffy using the power of Awakening of Mochi Mochi no Mi. Without making sure that he completely defeated the Strawhat Pirates captain, Katakuri left the place and ordered his subordinates to serve his “merienda.”

One Piece Episode 856 showed Katakuri’s love of sweets, especially doughnuts. The chefs made multiple varieties of doughnuts and served them to the sweet general. However, Katakuri doesn’t want anyone to see him eating. Using his devil fruit power, Katakuri created a shrine made of Mochi and brought his tea and doughnuts inside.

While he was eating, Luffy freed himself from Katakuri’s trap by eating all the Mochi. The three subordinates of Katakuri were surprised to see a huge Luffy, but they all laughed when they saw him running away. However, it was later revealed that the main reason why Luffy ran was to help him digest all the Mochi he ate.

After returning to his normal shape, Luffy immediately looked for Katakuri and prepared to attack him. Using his Kong Gun, Luffy destroyed the Mochi shrine where he saw Katakuri eating with a strange-looking face. One Piece Episode 856 revealed that Katakuri has teeth similar to Fishman, which is why he always covers his mouth.

After learning that Luffy discovered his biggest secret, Katakuri got very mad and started attacking the enemy. Luffy used Gear 4 to transform into Bounce Man. The Strawhat Pirates captain and the sweet general both demonstrated the power of the Conqueror’s Haki. However, Katakuri’s Conqueror’s Haki proved to be more powerful than Luffy’s.

Every time they exchange attacks, Luffy’s hands become swollen. However, during their epic fight, Luffy noticed something different with Katakuri’s fighting style. Unlike their first encounter, Luffy can now dodge the attacks of Katakuri and succeed to land a critical blow. Katakuri doesn’t seem to be worried about Luffy’s ability to hit him, but the Strawhat Pirates captain seemed to figure out the enemy’s main weakness.

One Piece Episode 856 revealed that Katakuri’s ability to predict the future is affected by the level of his calmness. When Luffy saw his real face, Katakuri got irritated and lost his concentration. One Piece Episode 856 ended with Luffy landing a very powerful attack against Katakuri using Gear 4.

Aside from the epic fight between Luffy and Katakuri, One Piece Episode 856 also featured Sanji, Chiffon, and Pudding recreating the wedding cake for Big Mom. It also showed the arrival of Charlotte Oven at Cacao Island where they are waiting for the Strawhat Pirates to appear.

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