Shauna Sexton Misses Her Old Job As A Vet Tech, Shares Pic Of Dog Getting Surgery On Instagram

Ben Affleck’s girlfriend, Shauna Sexton, took to Instagram to reveal that she actually misses her old job as a vet tech. The model reportedly quit her day job soon after she was linked to Affleck, and has since been busy pursuing new modeling gigs. Shauna’s also typically spotted going to work out at the gym, and she was also seen visiting Ben in rehab while he was still receiving inpatient care.

“Feeling pretty nostalgic lately. Missing exhausting shifts, emergency surgeries at 2 am, and a kick a** team that quickly turned into family. So here I am suturing post necropsy, and a very comfy propofol recovery for the boy. [paw print emoji]”

The photo shows Shauna sewing a dog back up after “necropsy,” which appears to be a dog autopsy. Instead of her usual crop top and tight leggings, Sexton wore a clinical shirt, glasses, and a plain gold necklace.

Usually, Sexton shares photos of herself wearing provocative outfits, or sometimes nothing at all on her page. She’s garnered over 79,000 followers and has received tons of media attention following rumors that she was dating Affleck.

Ben is finally out of inpatient care and pursuing outpatient treatment. The difference between the two types of care, is that inpatient care is given on-site and patients stay overnight. Outpatient care typically requires people to check into the center on a regular basis to receive ongoing care.

Unsurprisingly, the two were spotted together four days ago, according to People. Affleck wore an all-black outfit, while Shauna sported a gray hoodie, black leggings, and some glasses. Prior to Ben’s release from the inpatient treatment program, rumors were brewing that he was planning on proposing to Shauna. If those rumors are true, the proposal has yet to be announced.

Things have certainly changed for Shauna ever since she started seeing Ben. Not that it’s easy to date someone like Affleck, with an ex-wife and a recent ex-girlfriend. Perhaps because she’s also younger than Ben, and likes to party, Shauna’s been the subject of criticism.

Perhaps now that the couple are able to spend time together outside of rehab’s constricting schedule, they can get to know each other better. Also, it might give them the chance to meet each others’ friends and family, if they so choose.

For now, Shauna seems to have slowed down on her Instagram posts, and has left her vet tech post sitting for a few days.

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