WWE News: Superstar Reveals That Impact & WWE Did Have A Meeting & Teases Huge Happening

Ever since WWE CEO Vince McMahon purchased WCW back in January of 2001, the World Wrestling Entertainment has had virtually no competition, at least, in the States. The closest competitor to WWE is Impact Wrestling, formerly known as TNA (Total Nonstop Action). Over the last year, the WWE has seemingly formed a good relationship with the wrestling promotion, as Impact was never a true threat to McMahon’s brand or TV ratings.

The WWE featured former promoter and Chief Strategy Officer of Impact Wrestling Dixie Carter on the WWE Network for a tribute to Kurt Angle, a former Impact superstar. The WWE also used Impact footage of Matt and Jeff Hardy to help build Matt’s Ultimate Deletion Match with Bray Wyatt. The most recent example of the two companies having a softened relationship is that the WWE used Impact clips of AJ Styles in a video package.

In September, it was rumored that WWE and Impact Wrestling executives had a joint meeting, as Sportskeeda documented. Various dirt sheets and publications reported on this rumored gathering, including PWInsider. It was originally rumored that the meeting was for the WWE to purchase Impact Wrestling or their library, but recent reports suggest that the conversation did not regard those two topics, as neither are for sale.


As fans know, wrestling rumors should usually be taken with a grain of salt, as most of them never seem to come to fruition. So, when fans heard about this supposed meeting taking place between World Wrestling Entertainment and Impact Wrestling, much of the WWE universe ignored it. However, on a recent episode of Serious Lowdown, longtime Impact superstar Homicide confirmed that the meeting took place.

Homicide was vague about what may come from the joint gathering, but he described it as something big, as Wrestling Inc. transcribed.

“The big time is going to come and I was telling my crew ‘We need the magic filling.’ Even though I am a professional worker, I am still a fan and I love magic. It’s like…You never know what’s gonna happen until it happens. It’s something that’s gonna come and you’re going to enjoy it.”

If the aforementioned rumors are true, and the meeting was not about the WWE acquiring Impact Wrestling’s catalog or company, then the next likely situations would either be a joint event or Impact being featured on the WWE Network. The WWE recently sent out a survey to their subscribers asking them about different pay levels of the Network, and one tier included being able to watch other wrestling promotions. Whether it has to do with the Network or a joint event, it looks like WWE and Impact Wrestling are planning something big.

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