Michael Scott’s Alter Ego, ‘Prison Mike,’ Is Made Into A Cake

Fans of The Office know the “Prison Mike” scene in Season 3 is one of the series’ most memorable moments. While trying to convince his employees that working at Dunder Mifflin is better than being in prison, Michael Scott takes on the alter ego of “Prison Mike” to “scare them straight.” While donning a purple bandana, Michael makes a ridiculous speech to everyone, which eventually turned into a hilarious meme.

Now it looks like the notorious scrounged face of “Prison Mike” is being made into much more than a meme. A baker has captured the face of Michael Scott into a cake, which is so realistic it might actually scare you straight. Sideserf Cake Studio is the brains behind the stellar pastry, which is taking social media by storm.

It all started when some of the employees found out that one of the transfers from the Stanford branch was a criminal. When it was revealed it was Martin Nash, he opened up to his new coworkers about why he served time in jail, ultimately for insider trading. Martin made prison seem like it was no big deal, describing art classes he took, as well as business classes. Once Pam Beesly suggested it sounded like prison was better than Dunder Mifflin, Michael couldn’t handle it and took on the persona fans know and love today.

In just four days, the Prison Mike cake was upvoted on Reddit over 71,000 times and had well over 700 comments. Most of those comments consisted of snippets of the infamous “Prison Mike” speech, including quotes like “da belle of the ball,” “…and I never got caught neither,” and “thank you Andy. tanks.”

Of course, every Office fan knows just how important cake was in the day-to-day events at Dunder Mifflin. Creed Bratton favored Peach Pie (or cobbler), Meredith Palmer desired Devil’s Food Cake, while Andy Bernard needed some Fudgie the Whale in his life. No birthday celebration at Dunder Mifflin would be complete without some sort of ice cream cake, which was served on Michael and Kelly Kapoor’s birthdays throughout the years. It’s safe to say the employees of the Scranton paper company would welcome the “Prison Mike” cake with open arms.

In addition to “Prison Mike,” Sideserf Cake Studio has nailed renditions of celebrities like Willie Nelson, Hugh Jackman, and Ray Benson. You can check out all of their amazing cakes on their Instagram. A video showcasing the start-to-finish process of the “Prison Mike” cake can be seen below.


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