Kourtney Kardashian Stuns Instagram Fans In Vibrant Blue-Green Eyeshadow

Kourtney Kardashian’s new Instagram photo shows that she isn’t afraid to take her eyeshadow to extremes. The 39-year-old mother of three revealed a daring look to fans on Sunday with a photo displaying a vibrant greenish blue eyeshadow covering her lids. In the photo, the star wears what looks like a Japanese-style crossover button shirt; it’s black with white trim and is complete with a tight, traditional-looking collar. Kardashian appears to be wearing some type of poufy fur or fur-alternative coat, with large fluffy light pink plumes.

Kourtney’s facial expression is very serious with a killer stare. There is no doubt that the bright teal smear of color above her striking eyes adds a zap of accent to her chiseled tan face. The arched black brows that stretch above her wild eyeshadow are perfectly formed, and her puffy pouting lips seem to be covered in a light pink matte color. Kourtney’s contour makeup is on point, and her long dark hair lays relaxed down the sides of her head and shoulders.

“Because [Kim Kardashian] loves my eyeshadow so much,” Kourtney captioned the photo, below.


Kourtney was referencing the moment during the sisters’ trip to Tokyo when Kim criticized Kourtney and Khloe for their costume-like clothing and makeup choices. The latest clip of Sunday’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians episode (below) shows the exchange. Kim says her sisters look like “f***ing clowns” because of their makeup choices, like bright teal eyeshadow. In the video, she explains to her sisters that Japanese people may feel uncomfortable because of their daring looks.

“You can be cooler,” Kim says to her sisters.

Reactions to Kourtney’s newest photo were a mixture of support and dislike, as some loved Kourtney’s eyeshadow look and others begged her to take it off.

“I love your ridiculous eyeshadow,” said one fan.

“I loved your makeup! Also Kim had pink hair during that trip,” pointed out another fan.

Other commenters seemed to think that Kardashian’s eyeshadow was a bit much.

“Dab a lil OFF tho….a lil bit.”

“She’s lost her mind. I mean really…”

In April, Kourtney revealed a favorite eyeshadow trick in an interview with V Magazine, according to Beauty Crew. While revealing and explaining some of her favorite beauty products, Kourtney said that she loves putting her favorite face cream over the new Kourt x Kylie eyeshadows, which makes them “glossier.” She also uses the balm under her eyes and on her lips, reports Beauty Crew.

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