Swedish Woman Claims George Michael Is The Father Of Her Child

The late George Michael was called a lot of things in life but the Wham singer was never called a parent, until now.

The Daily Mail reports that a Swedish woman named Ulrika Lillemor Alfa Wonwolf claims George made her pregnant when she visited the UK on holiday over 20 years ago.

As holiday romances go, one between a Swedish woman on vacation and one of the most loved and famous gay icons of all times seems unlikely, but Ms. Wonwolf swears it really happened.

Ms. Wonwolf said that George was not only aware of the lovechild but also put his hands in his pockets to cover child maintenance costs.

A source has gone on record as stating,”She is claiming that she met George in August 1997 and that they slept together and she fell pregnant.”

During that period, George was in a serious relationship with businessman Kenny Goss.

George Michael’s estate has wasted no time in rubbishing the claims and has branded Ms. Wonwolf’s claims as, at best, “fictional.”

Ms. Wonwolf has apparently contacted various British tabloids with what she as described as “positive DNA reports” to back up her allegations, but experts are dubious and have said such reports could easily be faked.

The late singer who died, aged 53, on Christmas Day in 2016 at his country home in Oxfordshire has previously explained to the Sun newspaper that kids were never on his agenda.

“Thank god I don’t have children – can you imagine being George Michael’s son or daughter.”

Despite such statements, Ms. Wonwolf has repeatedly claimed the child, who is now 20-years-old, is the son of George Michael.

Ms Wonwolf has previously created social media accounts which have operated under the name Mrs. GKP. As George Michael fans will be aware, GKP is the initials of the late singer’s real name, which was Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou.

On her Facebook site, Ms. Wonwold posted a number of pictures portraying her together with George. However, experts have claimed such images could have been easily faked.

Ms. Wonwold has also posted on a fan forum for the late singer, defending her claims that George Michael was the father of her son.

She claims her allegations that George Michael fathered her love-child are not made because she is crazy or for financial gain, they are made out of “true love.”

“My son is most definitely real… I am absolutely not crazy. This is all about true love.”

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