Scott Wilson Finished Filming ‘TWD’ Season 9 Scenes Prior To His Death

As those who follow The Walking Dead related news already knew, fans learned Jon Bernthal – who played the role of Shane – would be returning for a cameo appearance during Season 9 after he was spotted at a restaurant called Nic & Norman’s with EP Greg Nicotero and Norman Reedus. What fans didn’t know at the time was Jon wouldn’t be alone.

According to a report by Entertainment Weekly, two other cast members would be making an appearance this season including Sonequa Martin-Green and Scott Wilson, known for their roles and Sasha and Hershel.

While it is unclear how the three cast members will be returning – considering their characters passed away in the show – fans speculate the cameos will be something in the form of flashbacks surround the exit of Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes. Entertainment Weekly also points out this isn’t the first time Bernthal had a cameo since his character Shane passed away. Lincoln’s character had a vision of his brother Shane during Season 3.

News that Wilson and Martin-Green would join Bernthal to revive their characters for cameos during Season 9 broke before TMZ reported Scott had passed away. According to the outlet, Wilson was 76-years-old at the time of his passing. He died in his L.A. home after losing his battle to leukemia. The actor was survived by his wife Heavenly Koh Wilson. Despite being considered a patriarchal character in TWD, Wilson did not have any children.

Considering the timing of the two news stories, fans couldn’t help but wonder what this meant for Wilson’s Season 9 cameo. Namely, did he film the cameo before he passed away? Or, would he no longer be making the originally planned appearance in Season 9 of the AMC series?

According to ComicBook, the return of Wilson’s character is set to occur during the first half of Season 9. The outlet also confirms that Scott filmed his scenes for The Walking Dead Season 9 prior to his death. So, his cameo will not only be fan’s final look at Hershel, but it will also be fan’s final look at the late actor himself.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, both fans of the series and TWD cast members have been lighting up social media all night paying warm and touching tributes to the late actor.

At this point in time, AMC will more than likely keep footage of Scott’s Season 9 cameo under lock and key ahead of the season debut. Tune in as The Walking Dead returns. The ninth season premieres today at 9 p.m. EST only on the AMC network.

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