‘General Hospital’ Will Be Tackling The Topic Of Bullying Involving Aiden Spencer

General Hospital doesn’t seem to back away from important topics. The show is currently undertaking the story of Mike Corbin who is battling Alzheimer’s. Now it looks like the subject of bullying is ready to be taken to the forefront as well. Major hints have been thrown out recently that reveal something going on with Elizabeth’s son, Aiden. It is all about to lead to the topic of bullying.

General Hospital spoilers coming from Soap Central indicates that Aiden will be the target of bullies at school in the coming week. He has already shown that something is wrong. Franco picked him up from school because he complained of not feeling well. He was brought to GH to get checked out by his mom. The little guy said he had a stomach ache, but Liz is suspicious that something is up at school.

A few weeks ago, Franco took Cam, Jake, and Aiden out shopping for school supplies, but it was cut short by Cam getting an attitude about his little brother wanting to buy pencils with Princess Calinda on them. Cam told him that he would be made fun of if he took those to school. This made Aiden upset. It looks like Cameron was right as the bullying seem to be escalating for him.

There are rumors going around that this is all leading up to a story line involving Aiden questioning his gender. Or it could also just be that the boy likes playing with princess-like things, just as some girls like playing with cars and trucks. This may be heading into a transgender story line, but it could be that this is just all about bullying a kid who just happens to like princess-themed pencils.

This could be one of the reasons why the soap brought in transgender character Dr. Terry Randolph as Elizabeth’s BFF growing up. Liz was shocked when she showed up at her door. She knew Terry as the boy she kissed when they were growing up.

Elizabeth has her hands full with her three boys. You don’t often have all of them together in scenes. Jake has gone into hiding again and now the focus is on Cam and Aiden. At least two of them are being shown. Cam has turned out to be an angry teen lately. He isn’t warming up too much to Franco just yet, even though he is marrying his mom soon. Now she has Aiden to worry about as well.

More General Hospital spoilers hint that there will be a family crisis involving Franco and Liz. It could have something to do with Aiden, or any one of her sons. Be sure to watch GH in the next few weeks to see how Aiden handles the bullying situation.

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