‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Next Two Weeks: Nina Has Regrets, Sam Gets Bold, And Felicia Makes A Statement

The available General Hospital spoilers for the next two weeks tease that things are really going to heat up in Port Charles. Romances are brewing all around town, but there are intense situations shaking things up on many fronts as well. What can viewers expect to see happen next?

SheKnows Soaps shares that Jordan will have news that could leave Margaux rattled — and it sounds as if she’ll say that she’s dropping the investigation. However, Margaux’s not one to give up easily, and General Hospital spoilers hint that she’ll go big in trying to pin down Sonny for her father’s murder. The buzz is that she’ll soon use the flash drive with Drew’s memories to force his hand in cooperating with her — and he’ll have a lot to think about in the episodes ahead.

General Hospital spoilers have been teasing that Sam would be making a bold move soon, and that move will most likely come during Monday’s show. As Friday’s show ended, Jason and Sam finally kissed, and it looks as if things will get even steamier next week. However, apparently, Drew will arrive to see Sam and interrupt at exactly the wrong moment.

There’s another confrontation ahead involving Kiki and Ava — and viewers will see Griffin trying to decide where he’s heading going forward. Ava’s drinking will continue, but with a new drinking partner. Kiki will embrace some kind of big idea.

Things will continue to be intense for Oscar, Kim, and Drew in relation to his illness — and General Hospital spoilers reveal that Kim will do something radical. Oscar will be spending a day with Liz, perhaps in connection to the clinical trial that his parents want him to do, and fans will see Kim turn to Bobbie for support as this all plays out. Fans of Julian and Alexis being together will see a bit of them with one another soon, and there will finally be scenes airing that include Curtis with the new Jordan.

Felicia suggested to “Kevin” that they put out a joint statement regarding Ryan, but he was hesitant to go down that path. The two talked about getting together again soon to discuss the idea further — and General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central indicate that soon Felicia will be sharing an announcement or news of some sort. Obviously, this Ryan storyline will take a while to play out. It doesn’t look as if Lucy, Felicia, or Laura will grow terribly suspicious quite yet.

Nina reached out and left a voicemail for Sasha, but General Hospital spoilers hint that she might soon regret it. She was hesitant to turn Sasha’s life upside down by revealing what the DNA test results were, but Nina is also desperate to see if she can build a relationship with her supposed biological daughter. Valentin will also pop up in the coming week, and he’ll receive a warning from somebody — seemingly Laura.

Fans have made it clear that they’re anxious for romance, and it looks like some may finally be brewing. General Hospital spoilers suggest that things will be intense when it comes to the storylines involving Ryan, Oscar, and Nina over the next couple of weeks. Additional teasers regarding what’s ahead will emerge in the coming days.

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