Farrah Abraham Slams ‘Teen Mom OG’ After Ratings Plummet

Teen Mom OG returned to the air on October 1 with one massive change to the casting – Farrah Abraham is no longer part of the cast. As Café Mom reminds us, the TV personality was fired from the MTV series back in February.

Producer Morgan J. Freeman showed up at Abraham’s house and – instead of firing her outright – gave her an ultimatum. Farrah could leave the show, or she could give up her career in the porn industry. While most who followed Farrah didn’t find the decision too surprising, the Teen Mom OG star decided to exit the show.

Compared to last year, Teen Mom OG didn’t have as big of a kick off in terms of views. Equally unsurprising, Farrah also had an opinion on the plummeting ratings. According to a separate report by Café Mom, the TV personality “isn’t surprised” the ratings of the MTV series are tanking.

After firing Farrah, the network did pull Bristol Palin and Cheyenne Floyd into the show. It, however, would appear as if the new cast members were not enough to replace the loss in viewers from Abrahams’ followers. During the Monday night premiere, the MTV series pulled in 957,000 viewers. Last year, the premiere pulled in 1,319,000 viewers. Moreover, the finale of the final episode featuring Farrah pulled in 1,098,000 viewers.

Speaking to Radar Online, Farrah admits she doesn’t find it surprising the views have plummeted considering she was the show, “The producers were mad my brand grew larger than the show.”

Abraham referred to the new additions to the cast as Teen Mom groupies.

“The two Teen Mom groupies that were brought on still can’t bring better quality than I have. I did it all on my own at 16. They’re coming in 10 years later. Having their kids older isn’t much of a struggle, as well some couples purposely having children to be on Teen Mom,” Farrah continued to explain.

Farrah argued bringing cast members in who had babies later in life didn’t match up to the original cast members who had children at 16 and did everything on their own to get where they were.

While Farrah may be done with Teen Mom OG, she isn’t done with the network altogether as she slated to appear on Ex on the Beach with her ex-boyfriend Simon Saran.

“Asking for real isn’t asking for much so MTV can call me for another show. Oh wait, they already have,” the TV personality gloated.

Only time will tell if axing Farrah from the cast will do permanent damage to Teen Mom OG‘s ratings and viewership.

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