Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Liz Is Worried About Aiden, Jason Faces A Question, & Maxie Confronts Peter

General Hospital spoilers for Friday’s episode tease that there are major questions hanging in the air. Danny asked Jason if he loved Sam and Kiki and Griffin are facing questions about whether to pursue a relationship. In addition, teasers reveal that Aiden will face questions from his mom Elizabeth and Maxie wants Peter to explain what’s been happening.

The sneak peek shared on Twitter shows that Aiden will be at General Hospital and Elizabeth will gently ask him if someone happened at school. Franco is standing nearby, looking supportive and concerned, and spoilers suggest that Aiden may be experiencing some bullying at school. Fans have been anxious for more scenes with Liz and Franco and it looks like a major storyline revolving around this family may finally be on the horizon.

Danny was thrilled to see Jason at the penthouse and they spent time talking about families as Sam listened in nearby. Danny asked Jason if he loves Sam and General Hospital spoilers suggest that Jason will reply that he does. Of course, Jason will likely try to explain that he loves Sam in something of a general sense, not a romantic coupling sense. Danny will also ask if Sam loves Jason and teasers hint that things may begin to shift with these two next week.

Lulu cautioned Peter that Maxie was in a vulnerable place and he’s been avoiding Maxie as a result. This has not gone unnoticed by Maxie, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that she’ll confront Peter about this during Friday’s show. As much as many fans resist the idea, all signs point toward these two edging toward a romance as well. It looks like Maxie will likely stand up for herself and insist she’s capable of making her own choices regarding who she spends time with in her life, making it clear she wants to spend time with Peter.

Kiki and Griffin have been spending a fair amount of time together recently and during Thursday’s show, they shared a kiss. General Hospital spoilers detail that they’ll consider giving a romance a shot here, with Griffin noting that there’s not really anything holding them back any longer. Unfortunately, there are rumors swirling that Kiki may be departing Port Charles soon, perhaps even as a murder victim of Ryan’s. However, she may get more heavily involved with Griffin as this storyline inches forward.

Friday’s show will also bring more with Josslyn and Oscar, as he blasts his parents and says he doesn’t see the point of returning to school. Across town, Josslyn will talk with Cameron about the split that makes no sense to her. SheKnows Soaps notes that Cam will not want to lie for Oscar, but will he tell Josslyn the truth about Oscar’s illness?

There’s a lot going on within this October 5 episode and fans are curious to see where things head next. Stay tuned for additional General Hospital spoilers about the shows ahead as teasers suggest that the week of October 8 will be a wild one.

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