Rose McGowan Flashes Some Serious Skin In Revealing Dress At Feminist Exhibition

Rose McGowan turned heads when she arrived at the Free Woman: An Exhibition event by Diana Gomez at Blakes Hotel in London this Friday.

The 45-year-old actress lead the arrivals at the feminist event in an all-black outfit, as per the Daily Mail. McGowan exuded confidence as she sported a cleavage-revealing black mini dress with see-through sleeves. She paired it with knee-high black socks and her shiny brogue shoes.

McGowan kept her makeup game minimal, but she made sure to add a shade of red lipstick for extra shock as she attended photographer Diana Gomez’s auto-biographical exhibition. The artist — who was born and raised in Venezuela — has spent the last 16 years in London as she developed her career.

According to the Daily Mail, other artists and celebrities who attended the event included Lalla Bronshtein, Dawn Collins, Erica Bergsmeds, Julia Clancey, and Tatjana Saric.

The Scream actress also posted a picture of her outfit on her Instagram page, in which she’s seen wearing a retro-looking headpiece. Some of her almost 600,000 followers left her supportive comments, with one user saying “Rose you are such a beautiful person! Your soul and all!” Another exclaimed, “You’re my New Hero!”

McGowan seemed to be in high spirits as she posed for photos at the event, only days after she had a very public falling out with fellow actress Asia Argento. The feud between the two flamed up after Argento threatened McGowan with a lawsuit for publicly stating what the latter called “horrendous lies” in regards to the sexual assault allegations made against Argento by actor Jimmy Bennett. McGowan had made the claim to inside information confirming that Bennett’s claims against Argento had merit, according to CNN.

McGowan then publicly apologized to Argento on Twitter, saying that her previous claims “contained a number of facts that were not correct,” and that she “deeply regret[ted] not correcting” her mistake sooner. As reported by the Inquisitr, the “most serious mistake” McGowan referred to was when she claimed that Bennett sent “unsolicited nude text messages” to Argento when he was only 12 years of age, and that her fellow #MeToo activist hadn’t handled said text messages appropriately.

Their feud seemed to come to an end when the Italian actress replied to McGowan’s tweet, saying that she was “grateful” for her apology, but that the whole scandal had turned her life upside down.

“Although I am grateful to @rosemcgowan for her full apology following her groundless allegations about me, if she had issued it earlier, I may have kept my job on X-Factor and avoided the constant accusations of pedophilia which I have been subjected to in real-life and online,” Argento said.

However, a new report by the Daily Mail claims that Argento’s new bloody dagger tattoo “marking a vendetta” is a hint that their beef is far from over. In a not-so-cryptic message, the Italian star posted a picture of her new ink on Instagram with the caption “bye bye @rosemcgowan.”

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