Bella Thorne Sets Mod Sun On Fire While Directing Music Video

Actress Bella Thorne has been keeping herself impressively busy with the release of several new movies including I Still See You, Ride, The Death and Life of John F. Donovan, and Midnight Sun. She is also starring in a film called Leave Not One Alive that is currently being filmed.

Despite her busy Hollywood career, Bella still finds time to spend with her rapper boyfriend Mod Sun. Moreover, the young actress also finds time to slip behind the camera to do a little directing as well.

Recently, Thorne took a beat from acting to assist Mod in directing the music video for his song “Burning Up.” The music video, which was released on Wednesday of this week, featured the rapper being engulfed in actual flames.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Mail, the 20-year-old actress admitted how much of a visual person she was and how much passion she had for visuals.

“Visually pleasing stuff is a big thing for me. I’m a visual learned. Ever since I was young,” she continued to explain.

For those who have seen the music video – which can be viewed at the top of this article – it features a lot of rich, bold, and colorful light effects.

“Mod and I brainstormed the idea together,” the actress added as she opened up about how they arrived at the decision to set the rapper on fire.

“All I knew at first was like ‘WE GOTTA light you on fire,’ considering the track. And we mostly talked about color.”

Still speaking to the Daily Mail, the actress noted that considering the name of the song was “Burning Up,” setting her boyfriend on fire just made sense from a visual point of view.

“My vision is coming to life,” Bella exclaimed in a video clip she shared of the process of setting Mod on fire for the production of the music video with her 18.1 million Instagram followers. In just 24 hours, the video clip has accumulated just shy of 200,000 likes and nearly 300 comments.

In a separate video clip Bella shared with her Instagram followers, the actress admitted that working with fire was “a bit scary.” She, however, noted her boyfriend rapper “was a boss and just aced right thru it.”

Bella worked with co-director Austin Kolodney to give the “Burning Up” music video some psychedelic visual effects. Thorne also co-directed the music video for Com3t’s song “Metamorphosis,” which is scheduled for release next week.

Based on the video clips from Bella’s Instagram profile, it seems as though she and Mod had a great time producing the “Burning Up” music video.

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