More Staff Are Laid Off At Telltale As ‘Walking Dead’ Fans Are Told To ‘Stay Tuned’

After the shocking closure of Telltale Games, a skeleton staff was to remain in order to work on outstanding work on Minecraft: Story Mode. Now, it seems that many of the remaining staff have also been laid off today.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Telltale Games abruptly shut down on September 21. Approximately 90 percent of Telltale’s staff were immediately laid off in the shock closure.

After the initial closure, Telltale’s CEO, Pete Hawley, insisted via a post to his Twitter account that the remaining staff would continue working to “fulfill the company’s obligations to its board and partners.” As Kotaku points out, Hawley also stated via Twitter that “25 of us will continue, foreseeable,” indicating the company might remain within its smaller capacity for some time.

However, it seems that many of the remaining skeleton staff have also been fired after a tweet from one of the remaining staff members was posted to their account.

“Remember how there was going to be a skeleton crew staying on for a while and I was part of it?” Rachel Noel posted to her Twitter account. “Nah, jk, we all just got laid off, too.”

While the initial tweet implies that all of the remaining Telltale Games staff had just been fired, Noel later stated that some staff still remained. It is unclear if these staff would continue to work on Minecraft: Story Mode.

In addition, she also states that she has not received any severance pay, such as was the case for the original 200 staff members that were laid off.

For those fans that are concerned about whether the final episodes of The Walking Dead game will ever be released, there is little to report on the game other than to hang tight and wait for a further announcement.

According to Game Spot, The Walking Dead creator, Robert Kirkman, has urged fans to “stay tuned” in regard to whether the final episodes of The Walking Dead game from Telltale Games will be released. This statement was made during The Walking Dead Q&A panel at the recent New York Comic-Con.

Negotiations have been underway according to another article by Kotaku, in regard to finishing the game. These negotiations are said to “provide for the third and fourth episodes to be finished by another company using former Telltale employees, according to two people familiar with negotiation.”

Previously, rumors of mismanagement, mistreatment of staff, and a toxic company culture have dogged the gaming company for years prior to its closure. As yet, it is unclear whether these rumors have helped lead to the company’s downfall.

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