Video Shows Donald Trump Boarding Air Force One With A Piece Of Toilet Paper Stuck To His Shoe

It’s happened to all of us, but Donald Trump has the misfortune of a worldwide audience for his embarrassing moment this week.

Video showed the president boarding Air Force One with a flopping piece of toilet paper stuck to the bottom of his shoe. The video has gone viral and is making the rounds on social media, and the left-leaning Daily Kos even picked up on the video of the flap.

Though the video occupied the same space on social media where criticism of Trump runs rampant, many people actually expressed a bit of sympathy for the president and the embarrassing moment that played out in front of cameras.

Walking out of a public bathroom with toilet paper stuck to the bottom of a shoe is actually one of the biggest fashion fears, a recent survey found. A questionnaire from the international retailer Debenhams asked people what they feared the most, and toilet paper on the shoe was near the top of the list.

“Over a quarter of women surveyed (26%) revealed that the dress in underwear moment was the most embarrassing of all, especially when it is pointed out by a stranger,” noted Fibre2Fashion. “In second place, and often taking place in a restaurant or bar, is finding out that a trail of loo paper has stuck itself to the sole of your shoe.”

Even though it’s an incredibly common fear, the majority of people didn’t sympathize with Donald Trump over it. Most mocked him on Twitter, reveling in the moment and sharing the video.

“Don’t you think the entire Secret Service laughs at him?” one person wrote on Twitter. “I can’t imagine being in a job that included ‘taking a bullet for Trump’ as part of the description.”

Others noted that no one bothered to give Trump a heads-up that he was dragging a piece of toilet paper behind him, while a few questioned the authenticity of the video (which, while it appears to be legitimate, hasn’t been independently verified yet, so the possibility of a hoax still looms).

It’s not clear exactly where the video of Donald Trump with toilet paper on his shoe came from or where it was taken. On Thursday, the day the video started to gain viral attention on the internet, Trump was headed to Rochester, Minnesota, for a campaign rally.

Minnesota, by the way, is a state famous for its paper mills and toilet paper production.

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