Here’s How To Fix Your iPhone XS

There are a lot of problems with the iPhone XS and XS Max, but there are some little things you can do until Apple comes up with a more permanent solution to issues like chargegate, beautygate, and all the rest.

Are you a victim of chargegate? You’re not alone. Social media and Apple’s support forums have been flooded with people who say their iPhone XS just won’t charge, and one YouTuber who tested the problem got dismal results.

While Apple hasn’t issued an official solution, there is a fix that you can perform on your own, according to Digital Trends. Make sure your phone is in awake mode before you start charging it, and it should be able to accept the juice.

Some users have found a different tweak to fix this problem. Look for the Face ID & Passcode option under Settings and enable USB accessories. According to Lifehacker, this has helped many fix the chargegate bug.

Apple says they will have a fix for this problem within the next few weeks. It will come out with the iOS 12.1 software update.

Slow WiFi speeds? Lots of iPhone XS users have complained of the same. There is a way to fix it. Go to the Settings screen, select General, choose Reset and then go to Reset Network Settings. This should improve your WiFi speed.

Burned by beautygate? Many XS owners found that the highly touted camera on the newest iPhone makes photos look over-processed. There’s too much skin smoothing, and some users are hating it. You can’t exactly fix this problem, but you can tone it down a little by turning off the Smart HDR. It will not affect the front-facing camera that’s causing most of the trouble, but you can reduce the skin-smoothing effect on the main camera.

Apple will likely get around to fixing all of these problems, but right now they seem a little lost. Forbes reports that Apple support teams have been communicating to customers who are complaining of poor connectivity, but not to give them answers. Apple’s trying to find the answers.

Many users who have complained to Apple are being asked to do Apple a favor, and install logging software on their phones. Clearly, Apple is still trying to figure this problem out. There won’t be any fixes available for this problem until they do.

Until then, XS and XS Max users will have to be content with waiting for the software update that will resolve their issues.

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