Video Of Donald Trump Doppelganger Has Twitter Wondering If POTUS Is Going Incognito To Buy Lottery Tickets

Video of a man who looks almost identical to Donald Trump is going viral — and has people wondering if the president is donning a disguise to pick up some lottery scratch-offs at the gas station.

The short video appeared online this week and quickly spread around social media, showing a man in a flannel jacket and baseball cap that looked like a dead ringer for the real Donald J. Trump. After being shared thousands of times online, it has since crossed over to national media — with Fox News even running a segment about the Trump doppelganger.

“In a six-second clip posted to Twitter, the as-yet-unidentified man, wearing a flannel shirt and a U.S. Navy cap, can be seen standing in what appears to be a U.S. gas station store and browsing scratch-off lottery tickets,” the report noted.

Some saw parallels to the movie Dave, in which a man who impersonates the president as an entertainer (played by Kevin Kline) was recruited to actually live in the White House after the real president secretly suffered a stroke. Others joked that the billionaire Trump appeared to finally be the “common man” that he made himself out to be during the 2016 presidential campaign.

The short video clip of the Donald Trump doppelganger can be seen below.

The clip seemed to find a home among the corner of the internet obsessed with fringe Donald Trump conspiracy theories. Just a few weeks ago, many on the internet were convinced that Donald Trump was using a body double as a stand-in for his wife in public outings.

The theory has popped up a few times, most recently in August after the first couple boarded Marine One for a stop in Ohio, where they visited a children’s hospital as part of the first lady’s initiative bringing attention to a rare disorder. When they arrived home, many on Twitter thought that the woman who got off the plane with Donald Trump looked very little like Melania.

That visit just happened to coincide with the guilty plea from Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, for his alleged role in making a hush money payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels — so that she would keep quiet about her claimed affair with Donald Trump. The pictures of the alleged Melania doppelganger led many to believe that the First Lady was mad at her husband for the embarrassing scandal, and didn’t want to be seen with him.

It’s not clear if Donald Trump’s doppelganger ever found the lottery ticket that he was looking for.

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