WWE Rumors: Huge Plans Revealed For ‘Survivor Series,’ Control Of ‘Raw’ On The Line, Per WrestleVotes

Next month, WWE will bring its annual Survivor Series pay-per-view to the fans — and there are already some big plans in the works. For a couple of years now, the whole idea behind the PPV has been to have Monday Night Raw vs. SmackDown Live in a version of brand warfare. While some of that will be present on the card for this year’s event, rumor has it that even bigger plans are in the works.

As recently reported by Inquisitr, there are already rumors floating around that Shawn Michaels will have his first singles match in 10 years next month. If the rumors hold out to be true, he’ll face The Undertaker once again, but this time at Survivor Series.

The Twitter account for WrestleVotes has been known to spoil a number of matches and angles for WWE over the last couple of years. Right now, they are at it again — and are calling a very big match at Survivor Series that will actually have creative control over Monday Night Raw on the line.

Right now, it looks like Kurt Angle will guide his team against one led by Baron Corbin. The winner will ostensibly become the General Manager of Monday Night Raw.

A while back, Raw general manager Kurt Angle was temporarily written out of any and all WWE storylines. Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon said that he was being forced on a “vacation,” but there has been no word on when he would be allowed back.

According to Wrestling Inc., Angle has actually been using this time to train for a return to the ring — this time for more than a single match. If the rumors end up having any degree of truth behind them, Angle will be back to challenge acting GM Baron Corbin’s authority — and lead to the elimination-style tag team match between their respective stables at Survivor Series.

There has been no word yet on who would be on each respective team, but that will become known once the true build-up begins for the PPV.

After WrestleVotes made this initial report, many began wondering if there would be no brand warfare whatsoever at this year’s Survivor Series. The Twitter account went on to say that while WWE is planning on pushing Team Angle vs. Team Corbin, that doesn’t mean that Raw vs. SmackDown is out of the picture.

With the WWE Super Show-Down, WWE Evolution, and Crown Jewel all scheduled to happen in the next month, it may be a while before fans know if this rumor has any legs. Survivor Series is still only six short weeks away, so the build-up for a Team Angle vs. Team Corbin match will need to begin shortly. Rumor has it that control of Monday Night Raw is on the line and things could get ugly.

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