Here’s What Happened To Collin Gosselin From ‘Kate Plus 8’

Collin Gosselin, one of the sextuplets who along with his older twin siblings made up the “8” portion of Jon & Kate Plus 8 (and later just Kate Plus 8), has been mysteriously absent from the show for some time now. What’s more, the teenager’s absence has even led to speculation that Kate may have sent him away and may even be mistreating him, as Trend Chaser reports.

In fact, the truth is much more complicated.

The Difficulties Of Filming A Show And A Chaotic Family Life

Growing up with seven siblings, five of them from the same pregnancy, can’t be easy for any kid. Add to the mix a camera crew, intense public scrutiny on the family, and two parents who perhaps could have handled their fame better, and you have a pretty volatile mix.

As the TLC cameras have followed the Gosselin sextuplets (and their twin older siblings) for various shows and specials over the years, Collin has grown less and less comfortable in front of the camera. In fact, at one point, according to rumors, he was so over being filmed all the time that he refused to have his picture taken for school yearbook day.

And of course, there’s the daddy drama. His parents went through a rather ugly divorce, with them trading barbs at each other publicly and even siccing lawyers on one another.

To say Collin’s and his siblings’ childhoods have been toxic is to put it mildly. And so Collin can be forgiven for wanting to be less prominent on the show.

Behavior Problems

In November 2011, Collin and his sister Alexis were both expelled from school due to reasons that remain unclear. Rumors say that the two had assaulted a teacher and were known as bullies at school. Kate reportedly sent the pair to a residential treatment facility for behavioral therapy; it seemed to have worked with Alexis, not so much with Collin.

And then there were the rumors of abuse. Kate later admitted on Good Morning America that she’s “been investigated many times,” presumably by Child Protective Services.

Unidentified “Special Needs”

Kate revealed in 2016 that Collin has “special needs,” but she wouldn’t disclose what they are. And while that may explain his behavioral problems, it doesn’t explain where he is.

In fact, Collin has been sent to live at a residential treatment facility where he can get the therapy he needs as well as be monitored to minimize his opportunities to victimize others. Kate will not name the facility nor say where it is, only that it is “near” the family’s Pennsylvania home.

Is Kate Scrubbing Collin From Memory?

That doesn’t answer the questions about why Kate rarely mentions Collin by name, and why the family photos that she posts rarely contain him. So is Kate simply trying to forget one of her kids? That, of course, is known only to her.

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