Kelly Thiebaud Chronicles Her First Day Back On Set At ‘General Hospital’

The Britch is officially back! Actress Kelly Thiebaud is back on the General Hospital set and she let her fans in on her very first day of filming in her role as Britt Westbourne. You can tell how excited she is to be returning. GH fans are also thrilled to have the troublemaker step back in Port Charles.

Thiebaud chronicled the first few hours of her day on the set through her Instagram story. She started out by saying that she is back in Los Angeles for her gig on General Hospital. She did give one hint as she said that she is there for the week filming. That means this is just a short stint on the ABC soap if she is only filming for a week.

Unfortunately, her day didn’t start out as planned. She told everyone that her car wouldn’t start that morning so she had to call an Uber driver to take her to work. It looks like she was only mildly impressed by the creativity of her driver. The seats were decorated with stuffed animals staring at you and plenty of flowers to go around.

The 36-year-old actress finally arrived at the set of General Hospital where she walked in and headed straight to her fitting. You could see all of the clothing items for each character hanging neatly on hangars. For her first scenes, Thiebaud will be going casual wearing dark pants and a blue Henley shirt, as seen in the video. She then headed into the makeup area to get her hair and face fixed up.

Kelly went from her fresh no makeup face to her soap opera look in no time. She was then ready to get her Britt on. She did confess that she was a little nervous and even showed her armpit stains to prove it. The end of her video showed her walking into the official set of General Hospital. It ended right there, but she may just send out more as her week of filming continues.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kelly Thiebaud had confirmed via Twitter that she was returning to her bad girl role on GH. There is no word on exactly why Britt makes her way back to Port Charles. Her outfit indicates that her character may have just been released from prison. This is the perfect time to have the Britch back. Her BFF Brad has his hands full with trying to keep the baby switch from being exposed. There is also Britt’s half-brother Peter August, who she hasn’t yet met. In addition, her mother Liesl Obrecht is on the run from the WSB. Britt could tie into all of these storylines that are currently happening.

Since filming has just begun for Kelly Thiebaud, she will most likely pop up on General Hospital next month during November sweeps. It is perfect timing for Britt Westbourne to possibly get caught up in the baby switch story. Stay tuned to see what happens when she reappears in Port Charles.

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