Suge Knight’s Son Claims Tupac Shakur Is Alive And Living In Malaysia, Posts Photographs Of ‘Older’ Tupac

Tupac Shakur is still alive and living in Malaysia, the son of imprisoned music mogul Suge Knight claimed in a series of social media posts that included pictures allegedly showing the rapper in recent years.

Suge J. Knight made the claims on his Instagram page, where he wrote “TUPAC IS ALIVE” and posted a series of photos that claimed to show the rapper posing with 50 Cent and Beyonce. Hollywood Life tracked down the posts, which also included a screenshot that appeared to be between him and Tupac.

“You said to [sic] much, time for you to go,” the person wrote to Knight.

“The truth will be out and I’m not going anywhere,” Knight responded.

The pictures have gained some viral attention, with thousands of comments and shares across social media. Many have called for Knight to offer some kind of stronger evidence than blurry photographs or text conversations with no proof, but so far the son of the music mogul has not yet responded.

This is now the second person within the last few weeks to claim that Tupac Shakur is actually still alive after faking his death more than 20 years ago. In late September, a former security guard named Michael Nice claimed that he helped Tupac escape to Cuba after the rapper was shot on the Las Vegas Strip in 1996. Nice claimed that Tupac did not die from the gunshot wound, as the world believed, but instead he was whisked away to Cuba to live in safety.

Nice’s story, which was published by the Sun and drew some international interest, claimed that it was the Black Panthers that stepped in to save Tupac after someone put a hit out on him.

Nice claimed that he was chosen to help take a still-injured Tupac out of the country.

“It was me, my brother, the pilot, Tupac as the co-pilot and two Panther guys on the jet,” he claimed. “We took off and immediately knew we were safe, we felt good and it was like escaping from prison.”

“There were hugs and handshakes when we finally managed to get him to Barbados. Then my brother helped him get to Cuba from there.”

The claim from Suge Knight’s son was met with plenty of criticism. Though many believed that Tupac Shakur could be alive and living in Malaysia, many said the pictures looked to be crude photoshops and others said Knight seems to be just looking for attention.

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