Yankees Keeping Their Expectations Low For Luis Severino In 2018 A.L. Wild Card Game

While Luis Severino may be the de facto ace of the New York Yankees, management is keeping their expectations low for their All-Star starter in the 2018 A.L. Wild Card game. In last year’s wild card, Severino only made it a third of an inning, giving up three runs for an ERA of 81.00. This year, his struggles have been well documented during the second half of the season, per the Inquisitr, but manager Aaron Boone seemed very confident when naming Severino as his starter for the all-or-nothing showdown with Oakland tonight in the Bronx.

Now, Boone is tempering that enthusiasm a little bit during pregame interviews, and even Severino has said that even if he only gets a few innings deep, he’ll be happy so long as the Yankees win. While most people hope to hear a starter talk in more positive terms, especially on game day, Severino is keeping it realistic. He is willing to turn it over early to what may be one of the best bullpens of all time, if it means getting a win as reported by NJ Advance Media.

Aaron Boone had a few words to say about Severino this afternoon when talking to NJ Advance Media, and what he is looking for during today’s start.

“As far as with Sevy, hopefully he pitches deep into this game, and if he’s pitching well, he’ll have that kind of opportunity,” Boone told reporters Tuesday. But, obviously, with our bullpen and what we’ll have available at our disposal, we’ll also be very aggressive in making moves or trying to set up the best matchups, depending on the game.”

Severino also chimed in stating that he appreciated the trust his team placed in him to start the game, and broke out his Bull Durham cliches about just wanting to help out and win the game.

“I just want to win. Whatever happens, if I can go four good innings and then the bullpen comes, that would be great. I just want to win and move up and go to Boston and try to win there. It means that they trust me. They know that I can be good, that I can be better. I mean, you guys know me. I can have trouble, and the next start I can be good. If something bad happens, it happens at that time, I just get over it and keep working and get better.”

Should trouble arise for Severino, the Yankees are carrying starters J.A. Happ, Masahiro Tanaka, and Lance Lynn should some long work be needed from the bullpen. Bullpen regulars David Robertson and Chad Green can go multiple innings if needed, which leaves Dellin Betances and Zach Britton to act as a bridge to Aroldis Chapman who will close should the Yankees have the lead late in the game.

The game will begin at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time on TBS, and will be available online at the MLB site, Watch TBS, and fuboTV.

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